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Find affordable house and lot for sale in Angeles city Sapalibutad. Various properties of single attached & detached, 3BR bungalows, 2-3 storeys @ cheap price!

House and Lot for Sale in Sapalibutad, Angeles City

Sapalibutad is a barangay in the city of Angeles and it is home to around 14,280 people according to the 2020 Census. That means that this barangay accounts for about 3.08% of the total population of the city. The name of this barangay is a combination of the word sápa which means creek and libutad meaning middle. This barangay is mostly surrounded by farmland, so many of the residents are farmers themselves.

Although a majority of this barangay is farmland, the barangay still has a fairly huge pocket of residential areas available. Given its proximity to farmland, this area is perfect for people who want a quaint lifestyle surrounded by a serene environment while still having an easy journey to the commercial area. With that said, if you want to buy a house and lot for sale in Sapalibutad, Angeles City, you can in some of the residential areas here. You can get a 2BR home for a starting price of PHP 1,085,000 in this barangay, but there are also real estate business investment opportunities for a series of 2BR homes available for an asking price of PHP 64,601,880. Many of the homes here are 3BR homes which is a great starter home for a family that’s just planning to grow. The price range for 3BR homes here costs around PHP 3,125,200 to PHP 6,500,000 with an average floor space of around 125.75 square meters. What’s great about this area is that there are plenty of solar panel providers for residential and commercial purposes offered around this area, so if you own a larger home and want to invest in solar power, you can easily do so here. With that said, the price of a 4BR home will be at a price range of PHP 6,429,400 to PHP 6,443,400 for an average sqm. of the floor area of 186. What’s great about investing in real estate properties in this barangay is that there are spacious homes built here so it doesn’t feel crowded. In fact, you can easily get a single-detached house here for a price range of PHP 3,217,300 to PHP 6,443,400 with an average of 133.6 sqm. of floor area in this barangay. There are wide plots of land here that are dedicated to farming, but there are still plenty of establishments that help make living in this barangay easier. For example, there are a number of schools available in this area, which is perfect for families with young children. You can also find a few local shops, cafes, restaurants, and food places in the barangay.

This barangay has a variety of properties available for interested buyers looking to purchase real estate in a quaint neighborhood. Aside from different types of properties, there are also different types of payment options available for when you’re interested in a specific property already. Popular payment options are in-house financing, bank financing, Pag-IBIG financing, monthly amortization, and cash payments. It’s best to use the chat option in Carousell to contact the property owners/sellers to find out the specific payment option available for the property that you want.

Frequently asked questions

Single-detached houses are homes that don’t share any part of their wall with another home or property. Homes like these offer more privacy and are more spacious than their single-attached counterpart which is an attractive option for many potential buyers.

Given the fact that this barangay is mostly surrounded by farmland, you can expect a fairly quaint neighborhood here. It’s the perfect place for people who want to get away from the noise of living in the city but still want to be nearby enough commercial establishments for a convenient lifestyle. Aside from that, there are plenty of affordable homes here as well that you can use for either business or residential purposes. Since this area isn’t as populated as some of the other parts of the city, that means that this can be a hidden gem worth exploring for business investment.

This barangay is the Easternmost point of the city. The barangays that share a boundary with this barangay are the following: Capaya, Cutud, Pandan, Pulung Cacutud, Pulung Maragul, and Tabun.

The overall average price of a property for sale here would be PHP 7,987,959. For a 3BR home in this barangay, expect the average price to be around PHP 4,316,716. A 4BR home, on the other hand, would be an average price of PHP 6,434,066 in this barangay.

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