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House and Lot for Sale in Antipolo City

The capital of the province of Rizal in the region of CALABARZON (CAR) is Antipolo City. This city is most popular for being a Catholic pilgrimage center for locals. Aside from that, it's also home to many private resorts and museums. Since it's located at the end of the Sierra Madre mountain range, the city is near a lot of evergreen forests and even waterfalls. It's a good balance between nature and development.

Speaking of development, Antipolo City is also ripe with real estate development opportunities. If you're searching for a house and lot for sale, this city just might have what you're looking for. There are a variety of malls, cafes, restaurants, and famous museums in the city for residents to enjoy. Mang of the listings of property on Carousell for the city have easy access to these places. The price range you'd expect from a 3BR home would be somewhere between PHP 1,600,000 to PHP 700,000,000. A 4BR home, on the other hand, will cost around PHP 2,000,000 to PHP 40,000,000. For those looking for large 5BR or more homes, it would cost about PHP 4,450,000 to PHP 220,000,000. These homes have dedicated parking areas. The larger the home, the more parking spaces there usually are. Aside from that, the homes in executive villages often have 24/7 security. If you want to reduce costs on buying a property, you should consider getting pre-loved real estate. For example, a pre-owned house will cost around PHP 1,900,000 to PHP 90,000,000. Even if it's pre-owned, it would still have many of the same amenities like a space for gardening and easy transportation. You can also get an affordable house as a bargain by looking for a bank foreclosed property instead of a new one. You can purchase a house in these conditions for a price range starting from PHP 1,600,000 to PHP 25,604,400. There are also properties for pre-selling available in the city that will have a price range of PHP 1,300,000 to PHP 15,000,000. There are different barangays in this city, each with its own perks and appeal. However, something they have in common is the advantage of being near many parks and natural settings while also being conveniently located near transportation hubs that can lead them to commercial hubs or are near the commercial hubs themselves. Since a majority of the city is covered in greenery, it’s certainly an evergreen paradise for visitors and residents alike, which is a significant factor as to why it’s a worthy real estate investment.

If you want to look for houses and lots in a place that balances city development with natural environments, then Antipolo City is the place for you. Many of the homes here are spacious and provide a level of comfort that might be difficult to find in more populous cities in the country. You can also purchase these homes through different payment structures. Some of the common payment methods for properties here are through bank financing with a down payment, direct cash payments, or through the Pag-IBIG Fund Housing Loan. It’s best to talk to the seller or property manager as indicated in the listing to find out the specifics of the payment method. You can use Carousell’s chat option to help with that.

Frequently asked questions

A pre-owned property means that the real estate indicated is not newly built and likely has had previous tenants living in it. What’s great about a property like this is that it’s more affordable than its newer counterparts, regardless of how long the tenants did stay in the property.

This type of property is one that the bank has reclaimed after the previous owner might have failed on paying the mortgage or loans. The property now becomes a part of the bank’s inventory. Since it’s a part of the bank’s inventory, it’s usually cheaper than some of the property counterparts.

This city is a popular tourist destination for many of the citizens of the country looking for an adventure-filled vacation. Although it’s a popular tourist destination, it doesn’t tend to be overcrowded or populated, unlike other major cities. An investment in real estate in this city can be used as a convenient residential property where you can have easy access to these attractions. However, you can also use this as an opportunity to use the real estate for other profitable ventures given the city’s appeal to both the locals and tourists.

A 3BR house in this city would average about PHP 7,478,361. A 4BR home would be PHP 15,120,000. For 5BR and more houses and lots complete with amenities like parking garage and garden areas, the average would be about PHP 20,046,666.

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