10,000+ House and Lot for Sale in Cebu Capitol Site(Pob.) Carousell

Find 2 to 5+ bedroom house and lots for sale in Cebu Capitol Site(Pob.). Carousell offers ready for occupancy, preselling, single attached houses @cheap price!

House and Lot for Sale in Capitol Site (Pob.), Cebu City

Capitol Site, formerly known as a part of Poblacion,  is a barangay located in the city of Cebu within the province of a similar namesake, Cebu, inside the region of Central Visayas or Region VII. This barangay is home to 12,604 people which accounts for 1.31% of the total population of the entire city according to the 2020 Census. One thing that you can say about this area is that it’s at the heart of the city’s commercialized area so it makes sense that you can find a number of establishments there such as a famous mall chain, major hospitals, several banks, restaurants, and cafes.

Although this barangay may mostly cater to the commercial side of things, there are also still plenty of real estate opportunities that you can enjoy from this neighborhood. Therefore, you can easily find plenty of houses to buy that will put you right in the middle of many of the commercial establishments of this area which is a fairly strategic location. With that in mind, if you’re buying a house and lot for sale in Capitol Site (Pob.), Cebu City, your first step should be to peruse the 1BR houses available for sale from this neighborhood. 1BR houses are a great size of a property if you’re looking for a house for an individual or you want to convert it into a rental property to make a profit out of it. For example, there is a 1BR house from this part of the city that costs around PHP 950,000 and has a floor area size of 31 square meters (sqm.). Although a 1BR home is good for an individual by themselves, it might not be enough even with just one other person living with them. In that case, a 2BR is the upgrade that you need. There is a 2BR house available for purchase from this barangay that costs PHP 1,350,000 with a floor area size of about 50 sqm. This house is a great starting price for a 2BR from this neighborhood in terms of affordability. Of course, if you want to expand the size of your house a bit more, then you shouldn’t go any lower than with a 3BR house. This house is the best size for when you want to start a family. With that said, the price of such a house from this neighborhood would range from PHP 3,280,000 to PHP 7,500,000 and the average floor area size of such a property would be around 70.5 sqm. If you want to move into the house that you buy as soon as you finish negotiations, then look for fully furnished houses. These houses are usually pre-owned houses and the price of such a property that comes with the furnishings from this neighborhood ranges from PHP 6,500,000 to PHP 120,000,000. These homes, aside from the furnishings, come with parking spaces, an outdoor area that you can turn into a garden, and they are also ready for occupancy or are RFO.

The options that you find in this barangay are numerous so you have to make sure that you have a clear idea of the property that you want to buy. Once you find the house that you would like to purchase, contact the property owner or seller directly through the chat option on Carousell to start discussing important points such as the payment methods that they prefer. Most of the time, they would be open to methods such as cash payments, bank financing, and in-house financing.

Frequently asked questions

A property from this neighborhood means that you get property within a desirable neighborhood and a strategic location given how close it is to many important establishments, such as a major hospital and a large shopping mall. Thus, real estate that you buy from here will surely grow in price over time. Aside from that, it’s also a comfortable place to live in because you can easily access everything that you need and more at any time.

The barangays that share a border with this one and are a part of the same city are the following: Calamba, Camputhaw (Pob.), Cogon Ramos (Pob.), Guadalupe, Lahug, Sambag I (Pob.), and Santa Cruz (Pob.).

The average selling price of the property from this neighborhood is around PHP 101,000 per square meter of the house.

The first benefit is that you save money from having to buy new furnishings to fill your new home. The second benefit is that you also save time because you won’t have to spend it having to move your furniture in and out of the house to set things up.

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