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House and Lot for Sale in Bacao II, General Trias City

Bacao II is a barangay located in the city of General Trias within the province of (Province Name) inside the region of CALABARZON. This barangay is home to 8,944 people which accounts for 1.98% of the total population of the entire city according to the 2020 Census. Part of this barangay is covered by the Cavite Economic Zone II filled with manufacturers and factories, but the rest of it has a fairly active commercial area that has conveniences such as ATMs, gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, and even a resort.

Aside from the industrial establishments and commercial operations, this barangay is also home to a residential area that’s fairly spacious. Given the fact that this neighborhood has everything that you need, that makes any real estate investment here more worthwhile than other places. With that said, if you’re interested in buying a house and lot for sale in Bacao II, General Trias City, there are plenty of options ahead of you. A great place to start would be a 3BR home which is perfect for people with a growing family who are looking to settle down somewhere. A 3BR home in this neighborhood comes in different prices but expect the cost for it to range somewhere from PHP 5,500,000 to PHP 12,999,000 with an average floor area size for properties of this type to range around 123.66 square meters (sqm.). These homes are usually a part of a village that comes with 24/7 security and have a dedicated parking space as well as an outdoor area that’s perfect for gardening and for caring for your pets. Another type of home that is available in this neighborhood would be a pre-owned house. When a property is classified as pre-owned, the implication for the buyer usually is that you can get this property for a lower asking price than if it were new. Therefore, it’s a great way to get savings. With that said, the price for a pre-owned house in this neighborhood ranges from PHP 5,500,000 to PHP 8,500,000 with the average floor area size going to about 123.86 sqm. There are also homes in this neighborhood that are ready for occupancy or RFO so that after you finish negotiating with the owner of the property, you can move into it as soon as you want to. With that said, there are several properties of that type in this area and the price ranges from PHP 7,000,000 to PHP 12,999,000 with the average property size being around 115.41 sqm. Another type of property that’s available in this area would be single-detached houses which are great for people who want privacy and space between them and their neighbors. The price for such a property ranges from PHP 7,900,000 to PHP 8,999,000 and the average floor area size for it is around 119.5 sqm.

Now that you know the variety of property types available in this neighborhood, your next step is to start narrowing down which property has the features and amenities that you want. After you find the property listing that has everything that you need, you can use Carousell's chat feature to start talking about the preferred payment method of the property seller/manager. Common examples of financing methods most used in this neighborhood would be cash payment or through a bank loan.

Frequently asked questions

A home in this area allows you access to many of the conveniences available nearby. You are within reach of many commercial establishments like fast food restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, and even a resort. Thus, you can live a fulfilling lifestyle in this neighborhood with no problems. As a business investment, a home here can grow in market value over time so it has great potential to be profitable.

The average selling price of the properties for sale in this barangay would be around PHP 8,155,333.

Getting a pre-owned house means that you’re buying a property that has been lived in and has had an owner before you. With that said, the biggest benefit to buying such a property is that you get to buy it for a lower price. Another benefit is that sometimes or often, you can get the property semi or fully furnished already, so you can move in as soon as possible.

A single-detached house means that the property does not share any walls with another house belonging to a different family. Although they might not be as affordable, these houses come with better privacy and are usually more spacious as well.

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