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Residential houses & lot for sale in Las Pinas, Metro Manila. Offers 3+ bedrooms, RFO, Pre-selling modern houses with good amenities. Reach Carousell now!

House and Lot for Sale in Las Pinas

Las Pinas was one of the earliest fisherman settlements and is currently budding with residential zones in one half and industries, agro-productions in the other. It is a great city for quality education for all levels.

It is well-networked in terms of commute and transportation, especially due to the railway lines and the major highways that run through the region. The city is known for its major attraction- the bamboo organ, in the St. Joseph Parish Church, and the beaches.

Apart from premium condominium culture in the Philippines, Las Pinas has pre-owned houses, pre-selling, and bank foreclosed properties, and brand-new house and lot for sale. The calm lifestyle that it offers alongside the coastal regions is supported by individual villas, bungalows, and gated communities with single-detached and attached houses. Luxury villas and affordable duplex bungalows with compound walls, private parking space, and semi-furnished amenities are the common finds in Las Pinas.

The demand for secluded living in a place that is a perfect weekend getaway and well-connected to the other metropolitan areas, and is also economically booming with industries and offices, has led to the rapid construction of private houses in Las Pinas.

Some people even buy detached or semi-detached 4 BR duplex house and lot as a guest house or a vacation home.

Las Pinas is a great place to invest in real estate due to its serene environment and growing economy. The peaceful lifestyle that the houses in Las Pinas offer come at prices ranging from PHP 4,000,000 for compactly designed 1 floor 1 BR houses with apt parking space and minimal garden space to PHP 135,000,000 for fully furnished 5 BR deluxe house and lot featuring a front yard, a backyard, and extended balconies.

The payment means are dependent on the seller/owner and can be discussed by connecting directly with them through Carousell, without any middleman or broker.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is an RFO house more expensive than a pre-selling house?

The pre-selling option is comparatively cheaper due to the increase in the real estate prices even during the time taken for construction. At the same time, RFO can be expensive where the price is inclusive of the benefit that it is readily available for immediate use.

Is investing in lots in Las Pinas a good decision?

The Philippines is promising in its real estate business. It is rich in resources, labour force and has a developing economy. All these factors and more allow its real estate value to keep increasing. Hence investing in lots will be profitable in the future.

Is it getting a lot better than getting a house?

Lots are significantly cheaper. If your financial means support it, you can purchase a lot and construct your own house on a tighter budget. While getting a house is simpler and time-effective. The decision depends on the funds, the need, and the time-sensitivity of the buyer.

How many barangays are there in Las Pinas?

Las Pinas is subdivided into 20 barangays.

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