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Real estate properties of house & lots for sale in Bel-air, Pasig, Manila. Carousell offers 3-5BR+, 2 storey, modern house, vacant lot, studio! Value for money!

House and Lot for Sale in Bel-Air, Makati

When you think about houses and lot for sale in Makati, what immediately comes to mind are the posh gated and exclusive subdivisions and villages surrounding the CBD or central business district. One of those is Bel-Air. Developed in four phases, this barangay covers the Ayala Triangle, Buendia Avenue Extension, Ayala North, and Salcedo Village. It boasts towering buildings and establishments, as well as a range of choices for dining, hotels, and businesses.

The listings for Bel-Air house and lot on Carousell Properties include 4-8 bedroom houses, bungalows, and multi-level homes, as well as pre-owned and semi-furnished and fully furnished brand new homes. There are also properties in prime corner lots, which means the land to be acquired is larger than average and homebuyers can choose from many different floor plans and yard configurations. For property seekers who just love the outdoors, options for houses and lots with gardens or lanais are available; a garden area or lanai not only creates extra living space but are also stunning features that will surely increase the value of the property over time. Some of the properties in Bel-air also come with a garage, swimming pool, koi pond, as well as an entertainment area, maid’s den, walk-in closet, basement, and veranda.

The house and lot properties for sale in Bel-Air generally cost higher than most options in other cities, but that’s because of the prime location. Two-story houses are listed with a starting price of Php 145 million, while properties with five bedrooms or more can be purchased at a minimum of Php 148 million. Brand new bungalows can be acquired at a price of at least Php 150 million. Properties with additional features like gardens, on the other hand, can be purchased at a starting price of Php 150 million. Many sellers on Carousell Properties offer negotiable prices, as well as direct communication via Carousell chat or mobile phone for a faster transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is the estimated price range of properties in Bel-Air, Makati?

The cost of acquiring a property for sale in Bel-Air ranges from Php 145 million up to Php 424 million, depending on the property size, age, type, amenities included, and the number of bedrooms.

Is a house and lot property in Bel-Air, Makati a good investment?

Bel-Air is a private, gated community that’s accessible via major roads in Makati; it also sits beside Century City, Rockwell Center, and the Makati Avenue Area, and popular establishments are a short drive (or even walk) away. Apart from the urban conveniences, properties in this area increase in value over time.

Should I buy a semi-furnished or fully furnished house and lot in Bel-air, Makati?

The biggest advantage to a fully furnished house is that everything is already provided for - all you need to do is move in and settle down. A semi-furnished house, on the other hand, offers the option to buy and fix furniture and appliances of your choice, and you are free to design and decorate as you wish.

How many barangays are there in Makati City?

Makati is subdivided into 33 barangays.

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