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House and Lots for Sale in Barangay Canduman, Mandaue City

Canduman is a 1st class barangay located in Mandaue City, Metro Cebu. It is currently inhabited by more than 23,000 people, roughly comprising 6% of the total population of the city. Legend claims that “Canduman” was named after a rich man called “Oman” who once owned a fertile land that was said to have covered nearly the entire present-day barangays in Mandaue including that of Barangay Canduman. Today, the place is a well-developed area consisting of many industrial and manufacturing companies, business hubs, commercial establishments, and posh residential communities.

A wide range of housing properties can be found across Barangay Canduman including several luxurious townhouses, duplexes, and single detached homes that are elegantly built and designed to match the lifestyle of its locale. Prestigious 2-storey townhouses with 2 - 5 bedrooms, an extended kitchen, and lush green open spaces can be bought at a sensible price of PHP 3300000 – PHP 130000000. Newly built single detached houses that come with 2 – 5 bedroom provisions, a 2-car parking garage, a maid’s quarter, and a powder room can be availed for an affordable amount of PHP 8200000 – PHP 22000000. These options also boast of a patio with pocket gardens, a spacious veranda, and a family or a study area. Asian inspired 3 BR Duplex houses with stunning interiors and glass fixtures, laundry and utility areas, and big storage closets are also available for sale within the premises. These properties are pet friendly and are sold for as low as PHP 5800000. Residential subdivisions and Villages in Canduman boast of high-end amenities which include a clubhouse, a children’s playground, and landscaped gardens. Properties are also equipped with 24-hour security and a gated perimeter for additional safety. Housing options in this place are situated strategically near commercial establishments clustered together such as banks, drugstores, car shops, retail stores, supermarkets, shopping malls etc. making it relatively easier for residents to avail of daily necessities. Major schools, hospitals, and churches are situated nearby as well allowing for smooth access to educational and medical services. Also, transportation terminals together with a number of gasoline stations surround the place ensuring that locals get to commute and travel with less hassle and difficulty.

Barangay Canduman is considered a high-class residential community in Mandaue, Cebu. Properties in this area have a high appreciation value overtime. House and lots for sale in Canduman, Mandaue city are reasonably priced in relation to their overall structure, design, interiors, amenities, and surrounding environment. In addition, housing opportunities being offered here come with flexible payment schemes from full cash payment to monthly installments via In-house or Bank financing. As Carousell offers listing of these properties up for sale, you may simply log on to the website, decide on the house and lot of your choice, and directly contact the sellers or owners. The contact details of the sellers along with other vital information regarding the residential options are all stated clearly on the listings.

Frequently asked questions

The average price of 4 BR single detached houses in Canduman is around PHP 14000000. 5 BR single detached houses, on the other hand, may be available for as low as PHP 21500000. Housing options boast of elegant interiors and stunning features nestled within a complex that offers high-end amenities and facilities as well.

Barangay Canduman is a 1st class barangay that offers excellent facilities and amenities across its premises. It is situated near major establishments, top-notch universities, and primary hospitals, and has good road connectivity. The properties offered here are beautifully built and have a high appreciation value.

For families looking to elevate their lifestyle, a house and lot is a long-term investment that allows them to live well. Analysts cite that lot owners have flexibility and are able to grow their property depending on their needs, such as the addition of children or pets.

A single detached house is a structure that has open spaces on all sides, and has no dwellings either above it or below it. Single-detached houses offer private outdoor living space that acts as a buffer from neighboring properties. This yard space is for the personal use of the owner. Single-detached houses offer a higher resale value than attached housing units due to the benefits and space.

A single attached house is a structure that stands on its own and only shares a single firewall with the neighbor’s house. A single attached house is relatively affordable. Compared to detached homes and custom-built homes, single attached homes are generally less expensive since the lot and house dimensions are relatively smaller. The upkeep over the years is also lower because there's less surface area you'll need to worry about maintaining

A duplex is a multi-family home that has two units in the same building. These two units always share a common wall, but the floor plan can vary. Units can be arranged either side by side or stacked on top of one another, each occupying an entire floor or two of the building. Duplexes are great investments. As a single property with two rentable units in one package, the duplex lends itself to easy management and economies of scale. Duplex units also don't usually have condo or HOA fees. Your return on investment is better in general with a duplex home.

Yes! Carousell is a legitimate platform wherein sellers and owners in Canduman can sell their properties with ease. The website has good reviews from earlier buyers and sellers alike.

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