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House and Lot for Sale in Muntinlupa

Muntinlupa is a first-class, highly urbanized, southernmost city in the National Capital Region of the Philippines. The city is home to 543,445 inhabitants. It is bordered on the north by Taguig and Paranaque on the northwest. Muntinlupa is known as the “Emerald City” and the “Gateway to Calaborazon”.

The city provides ease and comfort to the people, with its regular supply of electricity, water, and great telecommunication, various public transportations.

Muntinlupa is the perfect home for you and your family if you are seeking a suburban lifestyle, spacious housing, and a variety of amenities.  Muntinlupa is, without doubt, next in line in the list for hip, premium neighbourhoods.

For purchasing a house and lot in Muntinlupa, Carousell has a plethora of options for you to pick from. There are all kinds of pre-owned, newly built, pre-selling, and the bank foreclosed properties available, from minimalistic yet stylish studio houses to fully and semi-furnished 3BHR+ homes.

Most of the enlisted properties are storeyed ready for occupancy homes, that come attached with big family and dining halls, service areas, utility rooms, maid’s quarters, dual car parking spaces, and a modular furnished kitchen.

The houses stay true to their premium aura, with their attached entertainment halls, open space areas overlooking the city’s skylight, a well-manicured lawn, and an enormous backyard. Your pets will be warmly welcomed, and feel at home in these spacious homes.

The prices of properties in Muntinlupa are high due to the prime location, the development of the city, and the premium selection of houses offered. The prices range between 10 million PHP to 90 million PHP, considering the area per square meter, and the furnishings.

With the option of minimum down payment, you can own an elegant house and lot in one of the most modern cities of the Philippines.

At Carousell, the sellers can be contacted online with chat or call, or the buyers can directly get in touch with them through the contact details provided in the property description.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the average cost of the property in Muntinlupa?

The average cost of property in Muntinlupa is approximately PHP 10,000,000 and it raises as per the number of bedrooms, size of the property, amenities offered, locality, etc.

What is the difference between a pre-selling house and lot and an RFO house?

A pre-selling property means it’s under construction, which means there is a long waiting period for you to call it your home, and finally, move in. Whereas with a ready for occupancy house, all you have to do is finish your paperwork and the house is yours.

Is a semi-furnished house better than a fully furnished one?

It solely depends on your wishes. If you wish to decorate your house and decide what it should look like, ie. According to your taste and fancies, a semi-furnished house will be a great decision.

How many barangays are there in Muntinlupa?

Muntinlupa is further subdivided into nine barangays.

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