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House & Lot for Sale in Navotas City

Navotas city is located in the National Capital Region(NCR) of the Philippines. According to the census in 2020, it had a population of 247,543. Navotas has the third largest fish port in Asia and largest in Southeast Asia, which is why it is known as “The Commercial Fishing Hub of Philippines”. Navotas is divided into two districts which consist of a total of 18 barangays that are interconnected via jeepneys, bicycle pedicabs, commuter rails, buses, taxis, and even boats!

If you are looking for an elegant house & vacant lot for sale in Navotas City, Carousell is offering you single attached, foreclosed, RFO properties at affordable prices. Each house is different and beautiful in its way. Because Navotas has a shoreline of approximately 4.5 km, several houses are located along the shoreline which gives you a breathtaking view of the river.

The houses are spacious yet give you a very cosy vibe. They range from 1 BHR to 7 BHR and most of the houses in this listing are fully furnished. The houses include master bedrooms, parking garage, kitchen, and maid’s room. They come with numerous other facilities and ample security for you and your family to have a serene experience.

Navotas city has a total of 15 public elementary schools and 6 public secondary schools including famous schools like Navotas National High School and Kaunlaran High School. The Navotas City Hospital is also very easily accessible from all areas.

The properties are priced at varied ranges, starting at PHP 3,200,000 going up to PHP 7,000,000 depending on the amenities provided, floor area, location, etc.

For the best deals and negotiated prices, you can contact the verified sellers directly via chat or call on Carousell.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which rivers surround Navotas?

Navotas is a coastal town surrounded by the Binuangan River, the Daang Cawayan River, the Dampalit River, the Batasan River, the Navotas River, the Bangculasi Channel, the Malabon Channel and the Estero de Maypajo.

What is a single attached home?

Single attached is when one side of the house is directly built on the boundary of your lot, and you end up sharing the wall with your neighbour’s house. Since single attached homes are usually built on smaller plot lands and have multiple stories.

Are pre-selling homes better than RFO houses?

Pre-selling condos are when you book a house at its initial stage when it is under construction or even not built yet, while RFO is when the house is waiting for you to move in. Buying either of them may depend on your choice and urgency. If you need to move in immediately, go for RFO houses, and if you want to take time and decorate your own houses, you should go for pre-selling houses.

Are RFO condos affordable?

RFO houses can be both affordable and expensive but it depends on the services being provided. Carousell offers several options for RFO houses at affordable prices.

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