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Lots & House for Sale in B. F. Homes, Paranaque | Carousell

Spaciously vibrant House and Lot for Sale B. F. Homes, Paranaque. Carousell offers single detached house, corner lot, 3-5BR, modern design bungalows & more!





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House & Lot for Sale in B. F. Homes, Paranaque City

Officially known as Barangay B.F.Homes is a gated residential community and one of the 16 Barangays in Paranaque. The main street in B.F homes is lined with fast food outlets, locally grown eateries and commercial establishments. Its popularity is said to rival both Makati and Ortigas central streets. Korean businesses and operations are also popular in this area, with Taekwondo gyms and Korean restaurants found on most streets.

The ownership and control of B.F Homes are now in the hands of the residents - making this a place that residents want to live in. There are currently 86 separate enclaves, each requiring separate car stickers to enter, they are fenced, guarded and private communities making it an ideal place for families. You can find various properties of houses and lots for sale in B.F Homes, Paranaque city. Carousell listings range from pre-selling residential corner houses to more luxurious villas with multiple car garages and swimming pools. For those looking for modern and contemporary design, new properties listed on Carousell listings in B.F Homes can be purchased from a starting price of PHP 3000,000 making B.F Homes a great place to purchase a home. Pre-owned houses, and foreclosed options in BF Homes Paranaque feature Bungalow style designs. Often with two floors, and lots that are on average 200 sqm, these properties come with an asking price of PHP 7-8 million, making these a more affordable cost option for the area.

The newer and modern houses in the development come with stunning contemporary design, on average featuring at least 4 bedrooms with a lot area from 300 to 400sqm. For the homes that feature garages large enough to fit two cars, the asking price for the newer properties fall between PHP 10,000,000 to 20,000,000 depending on the enclave you’re seeking to purchase in. With negotiable prices and options to directly contact the seller making for faster transaction times, you’re sure to have a convenient and ebay journey to purchasing your home. Properties here have options for flexible terms and payment plans making this a convenient barangay for purchasing a home.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is the average cost of the property in B.F Homes, Paranaque?

Typically, the prices in B.F homes are higher than some of the other Barangays in Paranaque City, the prices range between PHP 5,700,000 to PHP 70,000,000. The homes here are in one large gated residential and tend to be more contemporary.

Why should I invest in B.F Homes, Paranaque?

B.F Homes is a highly sought after neighbourhood with luxurious properties and an established reputation. As the largest barangay in Paranaque, this subdivision is highly coveted as a prime retail location.  Paranaque is a highly sought after location for property in the Philippines due to its convenient location in Metro Manilla, and the properties in the gated and residential communities in B.F Homes are especially known for their sleek, safe and contemporary feel.

How far is B.F Homes, Paranaque from Manilla?

B.F Homes, Paranaque is excellently located. It is slightly over an hour’s journey from Manilla. The barangay is also located centrally in Paranaque city, making it a convenient location to travel to other barangays including Sucat and San Antonio.

Is B.F Homes a Barangay in Paranaque City?

The region is divided into 16 Barangays. There are two different districts that comprise Paranaque, each district contains 8 Barangays. B.F Homes is the largest Barangay in Paranaque and is located in the second district.

District I contains Tambo, Santo Nino, San Isidoro, Baclaran, Don Galo, La Huerta, San Dionisio, and Vitalez.

District II includes San Antonio, Sun Valley, Don Bosco, Marcelo Green, Moonwalk, B.F, San Martin de Porres and Merville.

Is a pre-owned house better than a newly built house ?

Pre-owned houses come at slightly lower prices than newly built properties. For those looking for traditional and classic designs, for a great price pre-owned homes are a great option that come with elegant details. For home buyers seeking modern and smart-homes, a newly built house is the way to go!

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