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House and Lot for Sale in Calulut, San Fernando City - Pampanga

In the city of San Fernando from the province of Pampanga is Barangay Calulut. This barangay comprises around 11.99% of the total population of the city with around 42,528 people living in it, according to a 2020 Census. That means that this barangay has the most concentration of the citizens of this city. Given that fact, there are plenty of residential areas that you can find in the barangay, so it’s a potentially great place to look for a real estate investment.

Since there are plenty of residential neighborhoods in there, there are also a lot of amenities that help benefit the lives of everyone living in these neighborhoods. For example, you can find elementary schools nearby which is great for families with young children. Aside from that, homes in this barangay are within easy access to private resorts so you can easily enjoy a day of relaxation in this area. Given all of these amenities, finding a house and lot for sale in Calulut, San Fernando City - Pampanga, is going to be a worthwhile endeavor. For a 2BR home in the barangay, the average floor area in this area would be around 44.88 square meters (sqm.) for a price range of PHP 1,320,000 to PHP 3,845,521. For a 3BR home, you can get one property for a starting price of PHP 1,900,000. Larger families who want more amenities should consider looking for a 4BR home in the area which will be around a price range of PHP 5,431,216 to PHP 17,500,011 with an average floor area of 270 sqm. The properties in this barangay come with parking garages as well as working kitchens and outdoor space for gardening purposes. Aside from that, some of these are located in executive villages that also offer 24/7 security. You can also find properties here that are available for pre-selling. These types of properties come in a price range of PHP 1,320,000 to PHP 1,592,000 with an average floor area of 41.95 sqm. You can also find a listing of both single-attached or single-detached houses in this area. For a single-attached house, you can find one for a price of PHP 3,845,521 for a floor area of 85 sqm. and a 2BR home. On the other hand, you can find a single-detached house for a 2BR with a 57 sqm. floor area for a price of PHP 2,983,346. Both of these homes offer a parking area for vehicles as well as a pet-friendly environment for those interested in bringing their pets with them or for those who want to have pets.

Given the fact that this barangay is the most populous barangay of the city overall, you can surely find many amenities that make living in the barangay convenient to cater to the active residential community here. You have a variety of properties to choose from, not to mention the different payment options that you have as well such as Pag-IBIG financing, in-house financing, cash payment, and bank financing. If you find a listing that’s to your liking, simply use the Carousell chat feature to contact the seller so you can find the financing option needed for the property listing of your choice.

Frequently asked questions

The city itself has a lot of opportunities for growth which makes real estate investments attractive. However, in the barangay itself, there are multiple reasons why this location would be of interest. First off, the area is the most populated barangay of the city, which means several amenities have popped up in here to accommodate the lives of residents here. Any person with a property here would have a strategic location because of its proximity to shops, schools, and even resorts. Aside from that, this barangay is still continuing to grow so there are plenty of chances for a property here to grow in value as time goes on.

The barangays that share a boundary with this neighborhood are the following: Baliti, Bulaon, Malpitic, Panipuan, and Sindalan.

The overall average price of a property in this barangay costs about PHP 2,380,940 and an average floor area of 59 sqm.

When a property is single-detached, that means none of its walls are connected to another property or house. A single-attached house, on the other hand, will have at least one part of the house connected to a different house with a different family living in it. The former is more expensive but provides more privacy and space while the latter is more affordable but lacks that boundary between you and the neighbor.

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