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House and Lot for Sale in Panipuan, San Fernando City - Pampanga

Panipuan is a barangay located in the city of San Fernando, Pampanga within the Central Luzon region. With around 8,254 residents according to the 2020 Census, this barangay accounts for 2.33% of the city’s total population. Out of all of the barangays in this city, this barangay is the one that uses the most land area for crop/agricultural production with 53% of its lands dedicated to agriculture.

Since a majority of the land usage in this barangay is dedicated to agriculture and industrial uses, the neighborhood here tends to be less commercialized and more peaceful. It’s perfect for people who don’t want to live anywhere close to much of the noise and buzz around the city. However, despite being mostly farmland, the barangay is fairly close to many amenities as it has establishments that serve the needs of its residents within its boundaries. If a house and lot for sale in Panipuan, San Fernando City - Pampanga interests you, you can start by purchasing a 2BR home here that goes for a price range of PHP 1,400,000 to PHP 3,016,400 for an average floor area of 89.14 square meters (sqm.). You can also get a 3BR house in the neighborhood for a price range of PHP 2,212,500 to PHP 2,930,000 for an average floor area of a property like this being around 163.86 sqm. There are also plenty of 4BR homes available for purchase in the neighborhood. If this fits your needs or wants, then your budget should fall somewhere between PHP 2,212,500 to PHP 4,470,000, and expect the floor area to be somewhere around 182.5 sqm. For those looking for even larger homes, you can also find a 5BR or more home in this neighborhood for a price of PHP 10,000,000 for a 130 sqm. property. Many of these homes are near the more residential areas of the barangay, so they have amenities nearby such as schools, stores, restaurants, and even a number of private resorts nearby for leisure purposes. You can find a number of affordable homes to purchase in this neighborhood. For example, you can find several bank foreclosed houses in the area with prices ranging from PHP 1,334,200 to PHP 6,116,500 and an average floor area of about 144.19 sqm. There are also several properties for pre-selling in this neighborhood. You can get these properties for a lower asking price than their market value. If this is a property that you want, expect the average floor space to be around 38.11 sqm. and the asking price to range between PHP 1,400,000 to PHP 1,550,000.

Whether you want to invest in a number of 2BR homes for business opportunities or you want a forever home for your family with a 4BR home, you’re sure to find a property in this barangay that suits you. You can also enjoy different financing options when buying a property in this neighborhood. Common financing options that are accepted here are bank financing, cash payments, and Pag-IBIG financing. Ask the seller of your desired property listing directly through the chat option on Carousell’s website so that you know what financing options are available to you.

Frequently asked questions

A bank foreclosed property is a property that is now a part of the inventory of a bank due to the failure of the previous owner/s to pay off the mortgage, a loan, or something similar. The longer a property has been foreclosed, the more leverage you can have when negotiating the price of the property.

A pre-selling property is a home that is still undergoing construction. Developers pre-sell their properties so that they have a guaranteed buyer and they can use the payment to solidify the construction of the property. The buyers will then be able to purchase the property for a more affordable price.

A property in this barangay is more affordable so your budget can go far in comparison to other places in the city, which is great for both business and residential investment reasons. Aside from that, it’s a great place to purchase a property for families looking for a home away from the hubbub of city life, but close enough to specific amenities to make living there comfortable.

The other barangays within the city that share a boundary with this one are the following: Baliti, Calulut, Malino, and Pulungbulu.

The average selling price of a property in this barangay would be around PHP 3,090,485 and the average floor space in this neighborhood is around 109.73 sqm.

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