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Slip into your new home & buying a house and lot for sale in Kanluran Pob., Santa Rosa City w/ Carousell. You can get a unit from here for as low as PHP 1.36M.

House and Lot for Sale in Kanluran (Pob.), Santa Rosa City

Kanluran is a barangay located in the city of Santa Rosa within the province of Laguna and the CALABARZON region. This barangay used to be called Poblacion. Now, this barangay is home to 4,236 residents which accounts for 1.02% of the total population of the city, according to the 2020 Census. This neighborhood is a fairly populated part of the city filled with a number of residential properties and dotted by several commercial establishments, such as fast-food restaurants, a bank, ATMs, restaurants, and cafes.

As mentioned above, this barangay has a fairly active resident population. What that means and shows is that this neighborhood has a demand for real estate or residential properties, which are opportunities that you can find aplenty in this area. Therefore, if you’re looking to invest in real estate, you can choose a house and lot for sale in Kanluran (Pob.), Santa Rosa City to get you started. If you’re looking for a starter home in the neighborhood whether it’s for a business investment or as a long-term residence, you can’t go wrong with a 2BR home. A 2BR home in this area would have a price ranging from PHP 1,365,000 to PHP 3,220,560 with an average floor area of 48 square meters (sqm.). If you’re looking for a 2BR home for business reasons or as an investment, then you should consider a pre-selling home in this neighborhood. For example, you can find such a 2BR house that’s pre-selling for a price of PHP 2,700,000 and a floor area size of 55 sqm. Another great size for a starter home, especially for a family that’s planning to grow or is just about to grow, a 3BR home is a great size. You can get a 3BR home in this neighborhood for a price ranging from PHP 2,474,938 to PHP 7,613,997 with an average floor area size of about 54 sqm. If you are planning on getting a larger and more spacious home, there are several options available in this neighborhood as well to accommodate your needs. For example, you can get a 4BR home in this area for a price ranging from PHP 3,300,000 to PHP 4,323,000 and an average floor area size of 98.5 sqm. What’s great about the homes in this neighborhood is they come with all sorts of features. You can also find several semi-furnished houses that are ready for occupancy. For example, you can a 4BR semi-furnished home that’s ready for occupancy in the area for a price of PHP 7,500,000 and a floor area size of 180 sqm. It comes with security features, a parking space, a garden area, and is also pet-friendly. It’s perfect for an established family looking to settle in quickly to a new neighborhood.

Since there are all sorts of properties up for sale in this neighborhood, you’ll surely find one that piques your interest the most, either as a real estate investment or as a permanent residence. Once you find a property listing from this neighborhood that you like, you should consider what the payment method would be for said property. Common payment options that are available are Pag-IBIG funding, bank financing, and in-house financing. You can use Carousell’s chat option to discuss directly with the property owner what their desired payment methods are.

Frequently asked questions

A house and lot in this neighborhood are great as a place of residence and as a place to invest in real estate. There’s real interest in a place of residence here given the fact that there are a number of residential properties populating this neighborhood already. Thus, you can find tenants easily in this neighborhood. As a long-term residence, the neighborhood’s commercial establishments ensure that it’s easy and convenient to find everything you need to live comfortably.

When a home is up for pre-selling, that means that it hasn’t finished construction yet. However, since it’s up for pre-selling, you can usually get the property for a discounted price until the house is finished with construction. By then, the property’s asking price goes back up to its actual market value. Therefore, buying a pre-selling home might not mean that you can move into it as soon as possible, but you at least get a huge discount.

When a property is ready for occupancy, that means that no further renovations or construction needs to happen before someone can move into the house after the negotiations are finished. Therefore, it’s a great choice for people who want to move into the house that they plan on buying as soon as possible.

The overall average asking price of a property in this barangay is about PHP 4,446,457 and an average floor size of a property in this neighborhood is around 63 sqm.

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