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House and Lot for Sale in New Lower Bicutan, Taguig

Located in the southeastern part of Taguig, New Lower Bicutan is one of the city’s 28 barangays and was once part of the barangay of Lower Bicutan. Under Taguig City Ordinance No. 24, it was made into a barangay in 2008. Barangay New Lower Bicutan is bound by the Signal villages on the west, Maharlika and Lower Bicutan on the south, Laguna de Bay on the east, and Katuparan and Hagonoy on the north. Today, it is home to the location of Taguig National High School and Coast Guard Base Taguig.

The listings for New Lower Bicutan properties include pre-owned and brand-new houses, from as small as 80sqm to as large as 1,600sqm. Some come with one bedroom and others with three bedrooms or more. There are also multi-story houses, which usually come at a high price tag when located in other barangays but are significantly more affordable in New Lower Bicutan. Other property options include ready-for-demolition houses, perfect for those struggling to find a decent home in such a sought-after location. Semi-furnished homes are available as well for homebuyers looking to move in as soon as possible and without the hassle of buying appliances and furniture outright. For the savvy property seeker, there are properties in prime corner lots, which means the land to be acquired is larger than average and provides many options for yard configurations.

The house and lot properties in New Lower Bicutan, Taguig generally have a lower price point than most options in neighboring barangays, which is why it can be difficult to find an available property in this location. Fortunately, Carousell makes finding a house and lot in New Lower Bicutan easy. On the website, New Lower Bicutan houses situated in corner lots are listed with a starting price of Php 6.5 million, while pre-owned properties can go for as low as Php 1 million. Several Carousell property sellers can give buyers a better deal than the listed price; they also offer direct communication via Carousell chat or mobile phone for a faster transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is the estimated price range of properties in New Lower Bicutan, Taguig?

The cost of acquiring a property for sale in New Lower Bicutan ranges from Php 1 million to Php 6.5 million, depending on the number of floors, size, age of the property, amenities included, and the number of bedrooms.

Is a house and lot property in New Lower Bicutan, Taguig a good investment?

It’s difficult to find a house, lot, or both within Metro Manila that is priced lower than Php 10 million nowadays. Fortunately, properties in New Lower Bicutan are significantly more affordable as compared to those in neighboring barangays within Taguig city. The value of the properties also increases over time, not to mention residents enjoy a fantastic view of the Laguna de Bay. All of these factors combined to make a house and lot in New Lower Bicutan a good investment.

Should I buy a pre-owned or brand-new property in New Lower Bicutan, Taguig?

Many things are to be considered when choosing to buy either a pre-owned or a brand-new house. Although a pre-owned house has older amenities and outdated design, not to mention will require more maintenance, the money you will need to shell out is significantly lower. On the other hand, a brand-new house will cost more but the design is more modern and the property will be cheaper to maintain in the long run. Your choice depends on your budget and specifications.

How many barangays are there in Taguig?

Taguig is politically subdivided into 28 barangays, one of which is Barangay New Lower Bicutan.

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