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  • 2 months ago

    5 stars buyer Highly recommended to deal with

  • limkamy 2 months ago

    Fuss free transaction! Thanks for purchase!

  • pokkadott 2 months ago

    Decisive buyer, fuss free and easy transaction. Highly recommended!

  • bobamilktea_ 3 months ago

    Buyer was very responsive and decisive! Fast to transfer as well :) would love to deal again :)

  • gonewiththewind 3 months ago

    Nice and friendly buyer, quick and fuss free deal, highly recommended

  • goldenelf 3 months ago

    Excellent and decisive buyer. Communication was smooth and easy, meet up was a breeze! A* experience!

  • aforapparel 3 months ago

    Kind buyer, came to meet up at my convenience too :) fast and fuss free deal highly recommend !

  • lavendertales 3 months ago

    Genuine and pleasant buyer, thank you for the prompt payment and a smooth transaction!’ 💜

  • knotty7 4 months ago

    Decisive and sincere buyer who made the whole transaction smooth and fuss-free! very nice, accomodating and understanding buyer! 💕 thank you for the pleasant experience, would love to deal w buyer any time again! 😊👍🏼👍🏼

  • guacamoler 5 months ago

    Thank you for the fast and smooth transaction! Highly recommended!

  • zzbin 5 months ago

    Payment, communication, collection...everything was great! Hope to deal again!

  • jy9696 5 months ago

    Gave discount to very fast and decisive buyer. Recommended. Thank you!

  • breakfastwithshu 6 months ago

    Decisive and nice buyer. Thank you!

  • f1nderskeepers 7 months ago

    Very efficient buyer! Dealing done within a day! Will definitely deal with again :)

  • specialsy 7 months ago

    Exceptionally quick payment. Buyer is great.

  • delicatezza 9 months ago

    great buyer to deal with, very fast in responding and accommodative. glad you enjoyed the keto burnt cheesecake 😋

  • disposable_lives 9 months ago

    ..smooth and easy transaction..thank u 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • alterspace 9 months ago

    Buyer is really friendly and polite ! :) would love to deal with her again! :) highly recommended to all!

  • mshell 10 months ago

    Pleasant & friendly buyer. Hope the items serve you well. 😀

  • yclim 10 months ago

    Friendly n sweet buyer, thank u for the purchase 😍