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    zashikibuta13 review from seller7 months ago (edited)

    Decisive buyer however, when we met for the item, he was kinda complaining why I didnt give a discount. He should have been thankful that I even took it to Bulacan from QC so he can save delivery fee.

    Follow-up review

    You are just disappointed that I declined your offer of just 700 out of my 1,199 price. You should even be grateful that I offered to take them to Bulacan so you will save delivery fee. It was actually an inconvenience for me. You are upset when we met though I was all the way from QC. I mentioned I will attend an event so I was kind of busy and I was driving when you called.Difficult to deal with

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    rocketship_58 review from seller2 years ago

    buyer was a very professional person. He along with his equally cooperative wife made a good transaction with me. Upon arrival at my residence,i was promptly paid. I hope to transact with them again!