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Hello, nice to meet you, feel free to browse ^^~ Easiest way for the buyer to get the item is by meet-up at "Century City Mall" beside the Gramercy Residence, around Bel-Air. I am a nice friendly guy, living everywhere, EU/Asia, be free, it is amazing.



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  • krikabooks . review from buyer 3 years ago

    Recommended seller. Transaction was very smooth and fast. Very responsive in chats.

  • jmjenst . review from buyer 3 years ago

    Very pleasant and patient seller. Smooth transaction.

  • anjellikaxd_12 . review from buyer 3 years ago

    The seller is very accommodating and easy to transact with.. Thank you so much..!! 😊

  • joannahmae . review from buyer 3 years ago

    Very affordable item. It's original! Seller was very responsive to my queries and easy to deal with. Thank you so much! 🌟

  • jason80910 . review from buyer 3 years ago

    Great seller. Fast and efficient. Thank you. Looking forward for our next transaction. Thank you for meeting at the meetup place on time.

  • kjammies . review from buyer 4 years ago

    very easy deal! fast reply! legit seller! id love to buy again.. till next transaction~