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Erwin Quimboy




Cainta   ∙   Joined 7m 28d


Very Responsive

Sinner saved by grace



  out of 5  (34 Reviews)
  • krizzies_korner 13 days ago

    amazing buyer. thsnk you po sa pag support despite of changing our location. till next Sir. ❤Krizzies Korner❤

  • markches 25 days ago

    very easy to transact with

  • mikofer 27 days ago

    💯% 🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍

  • krizzies_korner 2 months ago

    a hassle free transaction as always. sobrang bilis at gaan kausap ni Sir. thank you po sa support. ❤Krizzies Korner❤

  • dickembe 2 months ago

    Transaction went smoothly. Highly recommended buyer. Enjoy and wear your watch in good health, Sir. Keep safe!

  • krizzies_korner 2 months ago

    great buyer to deal with. super smooth ng transaction.hope you like the items Sir. till next. ❤Krizzies Korner❤

  • aaronjoseph2 2 months ago

    Thank you, sir! Smooth transaction and very kind customer. I hope your daughter's puppy enjoys the cage.

  • thebraveandthebald 3 months ago

    pleasant and smooth transaction. buyer is warm and flexible to transact with.

  • gaideleonthecomrade 3 months ago

    easy transactio as always. stay safe

  • androlegaspi 3 months ago

    Very responsible buyer. Is sure of what he is trying to buy, has done his research and is ready to make a deal. Highly recommended!

  • krizzies_korner 3 months ago

    great buyer to deal with. smooth and fast transaction. thank you. ❤Krizzies Korner❤

  • graceyabut0 3 months ago

    Very kind buyer ❤️ thankyou so much po🙏🙏🙏

  • raffa0197 3 months ago

    Polite and easy buyer to deal with. Thank you po.

  • gaideleonthecomrade 3 months ago

    smooth transaction. stay safe sir

  • josefruitgum 3 months ago

    thank you sir for the very easy transaction. sobra ganda item looks brand new

    yanasdad 3 months ago

    Thanks Sir. Im glad you like them. Enjoy.

  • _earlb 4 months ago

    Smooth transaction! Thank you po!!! :)))

  • benjmin23 4 months ago

    very accomodating seller! thank you! appreciated

    Adidas TMac Millennium AllStar Size 11

    PHP 3,500

    yanasdad 4 months ago

    Thanks a lot Sir. I truly appreciate your feedback. Enjoy your shoes.

  • icyjakey24 4 months ago

    Chill transaction! Thank you sir! Stay safe and more blessings to come sayo!🙏🏻😀

  • rarelyused_2021 4 months ago

    smooth and fast transaction. thank you very much

  • gadpri 4 months ago

    Pastor is great seller! The Item is very solid, halatang naalagaan ng maayos ang shoes. It's rare to meet a sneakerhead who is a pastor too. Two thumbs up!

    yanasdad 4 months ago

    Thanks for your kind words Sir. I appreciate it.