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Listen better with these earphones and earbuds for sale in the Philippines that you can find in Carousell. Enjoy deals on earphones w/ prices as low as PHP 20 today.

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Earphones for Sale in the Philippines

Earphones are the type of headphones that fit inside your ears. They have a thin wire that goes from the headphone to the audio source, which can be a phone, computer, or music player. Earbuds go inside your ears but don't cover them entirely as earphones do. They are connected by a thin wire or cord. If you’re interested in buying earphones for sale in the Philippines, knowing the difference between the two can help you find the specific one that you need.

There are a lot of earphones available in the market today, so you have to make sure that you have clear ideas of what you want your earphones to be, especially if you plan on spending a lot of money on them. With that said, some examples of earphones available today that you might want to purchase would be the well-known Airpods for Apple products. They’re Apple’s patented wireless earbuds. You can buy a case for the Airpods for a starting price of PHP 5. Meanwhile, you can enjoy Airpods themselves for prices ranging from PHP 250 to as much as PHP 68,490 if you want it to come with an iPad. A contender for Apple would be the Samsung Galaxy Buds which are also wireless earbuds that you can buy, but they’re not exclusive to Apple products. Any Android product can enjoy using them. With that said, the price of a Samsung Galaxy Bud can range from PHP 189 for a case to as much as PHP 45,000. Another well-known brand, but for audio products in general, would be Bose. If you’re going to look for a brand that creates well-known and high-quality audio products and equipment, then Bose is something that you should consider. They also create earphones and earbuds available for purchase. The price of their earphones ranges from PHP 450 to PHP 19,990. You can also find earphones based specifically on the feature that you want them to have. For example, you might be interested in buying earphones that have noise-canceling features. If that’s the case, then the price of such earphones can range from PHP 49 to PHP 29,649. You might also only prefer to buy wireless earphones. If you’re interested in buying wireless earphones, then the price ranges from PHP 48 to as much as PHP 42,000. On the other hand, if you prefer to buy wired earphones, then you can expect prices to range from PHP 20 to as much as PHP 240,000.

If you want to buy earphones but want to have a variety of choices available as well as get some deals and discounts, then consider buying from Carousell. You can find a variety of options available here, and you can even narrow down the listings based on your preferences. There are Brand filters, Features filters, and many more that can help you narrow your search. After finding the select few that you want to buy the most, contact the seller using Carousell’s chat option and discuss payment methods, schedule meetups, or arrange for delivery of the item all in one place.

Frequently asked questions

You can buy earphones for sale in the Philippines for prices ranging from PHP 20 for a one-ear earphone to as much as PHP 400,000 for a limited edition earphone. As you can see, the price of earphones can differ depending on several factors such as the brand of the product, what type of earphones you’re getting, the condition of the earphone or earbuds, and many other factors.

If you’re on the hunt for the best earphones out there, but don’t know where or what to buy, then some of the best brands for you to choose from would be JBL, Sony, Apple, Samsung, Bose, and Jabra. There are plenty of other reliable earphone brands out there that are worth your consideration but are not on this list, so make sure to shop around and try these other brands out as well.

If you’re buying cheap earphones, then you might as well buy them new. However, if you plan on investing a lot more into your earphones and are eyeing some high-end brands, then you might as well try buying them secondhand. That way, you can reduce the overall cost of the earphones unlike when you buy them new.

Earphones are usually used for listening to music and are small, lightweight, and comfortable. They fit inside the ear canal. Headsets come with a microphone that is usually connected to the computer or phone. They can also be used for listening to music and are heavier and often less comfortable than earphones.

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