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Protect yourself from breathing in anything bad w/ the help of face masks and face shields for sale in the Philippines from Carousell. Prices start as low as PHP 2.

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Face Masks & Face Shields for Sale in the Philippines

If you’re feeling sick or want to protect yourself while you’re out and about, you can wear a face mask or a face shield to do so.

When you’re looking for a mask to wear out, you can choose based on the material you want the mask to be made from. For example, you can get yourself a satin mask for that more luxurious feel and a more comfortable fit on your face. The price of a satin mask is around PHP 80 to PHP 400. Another material that you can get would be cotton for your mask. The price of this one ranges from PHP 2 to PHP 2,100. If you want to get a mask that offers top-tier protection for both medical work, then you need to make sure that you get an N95 mask, which has a cost of around PHP 2 to as much as PHP 6,999. You might also be simply packing face masks to keep while you’re on the go or in your house so that you can have them ready. To keep it simple on how to store them, you can simply get compressed masks which average at around PHP 200. One reason why you might want to get a mask is that you want protection from the sun, which is what a lot of motorcyclists need. Therefore, getting a motorcycle mask is crucial. The price of motorcycle masks can range from PHP 29 to PHP 199 overall.

Carousell is a great place to find protective gear such as face masks and face shields for sale in the Philippines.

Frequently asked questions

The average selling price of face masks and face shields is going to average around PHP 2 to as much as PHP 139,999.

Face shields are typically made of polycarbonate or polycarbonate-polyurethane. They have a thin layer of polycarbonate (or polycarbonate-polyurethane) that covers the front surface of the shield. These shields protect against UV radiation, but they don't offer protection against hazardous particles or gases such as sand, dust, smoke, and even water. The mask is a type of protective clothing used to protect one's face from air pollution or other hazards such as airborne particles and chemicals. It is typically made of lightweight fabric with an elasticized band to hold it in place over the head and neck area. A mask can be connected to a filtering system that removes harmful substances from inhaled air before it reaches the lungs. The effectiveness of a mask depends on its design and the materials used as well. If it has been designed with an air-permeable membrane then it will not offer much protection against airborne contaminants like particles or vapors. If the mask has been designed with an anti-fogging feature then this will help in preventing inhalation injury caused by inhaling toxic fumes such as chlorine gas or ammonia gas.

Face masks are great for protecting your skin from harsh weather conditions, pollutants, and allergens. However, not all face masks are created equal. Some masks can be more effective than others. If you feel like the mask is no longer providing adequate protection from the elements of the environment or it's been damaged in any way. When it is dirty, when it has been worn for more than 3-4 hours a day when the mask can’t be fitted properly, or if it is causing problems like breathing difficulties.

Wearing a face mask and face shield is important for many reasons. It helps the wearer to protect against airborne particles, germs, and contaminants. It also protects the wearer from the sun’s harmful rays. The importance of wearing a mask is that it can help you avoid health risks like respiratory diseases, eye infections, skin disorders, and more. A mask can also help you avoid contact with chemicals such as pesticides or dust particles that may cause irritation to your eyes or respiratory system.

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