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Walkie-Talkies for Sale in the Philippines

If you’re interested in buying a communications tool that you can use even without cell service, then consider getting walkie-talkies for sale in the Philippines. You can use this radio communications tool as a way to get in touch with people who also have a two-way radio within a certain vicinity. Thus, making it very useful for various industries or other businesses.

Walkie-talkies aren't something that your average consumer is buying, but that doesn’t mean that this tech is something that people aren’t looking for to this day. Avid collectors as well as multiple businesses from several industries are looking to buy walkie-talkies so there are still several places that need to buy them. If you’re interested in buying a walkie-talkie for whatever specific reason you may have, then you have several options ahead of you that you can use. You can narrow down your choices based on the brand of the walkie-talkie that you want. For example, there are several walkie-talkies by Motorola that you can buy. If you want to buy their walkie-talkies, then expect to pay anywhere from PHP 299 to as much as PHP 39,900. Another brand that produces these two-way radios would be Baofeng which creates affordable and long-range walkie-talkies. The price of their brand of walkie-talkies would range from PHP 48 to as much as PHP 12,000. A trusted brand of two-way radios in the country would be Cignus radios. PHP 550 to PHP 9,000 would be the price of radios that you can buy from Cignus. If you’re looking for a two-way radio that isn’t portable though, you can consider Icom which is a Japanese manufacturer of various radio equipment. Many people in the transportation industry use these two-way radios to get a read on the upcoming traffic so that they can change routes when they need to based on what the other people on the road are saying. That’s one way that people use these radios. With that in mind, if you’re going to buy a two-way radio from Icom, the price of their products would cost anywhere from PHP 2,600 to as much as PHP 15,000.

Since walkie-talkies are not something that the general public uses, it can be tough to know where is the first place that you can purchase them. One place where it can be convenient to find sellers of walkie-talkies of all kinds would be in Carousell. You can narrow down your search based on several factors. For example, you can use the Price Range filter to narrow down the results based on your budget’s minimum and maximum limits. You can even find secondhand walkie-talkies in the Philippines here. After you find a few listings that you think would interest you the most, you can get in touch directly with the seller and discuss price, shipping, and other information before finalizing the sale.

Frequently asked questions

The price of your walkie-talkie can depend on the brand as well as which specific part of the walkie-talkie you’re buying, the condition of the item, whether you’re buying parts or a full set, and many more. With that said, overall, the price would be around PHP 12 to as much as PHP 55,000. Of course, if you need a wide network of walkie-talkies, then it may cost more.

People often tend to consider walkie-talkies and two-way radios to be interchangeable with one another. However, if you want to be specific about it, these two are different from one another. A two-way radio works by receiving and sending, which is why it’s called a two-way radio and also why it has another name, which is the transceiver. Now, this definition is where the confusion comes in because a walkie-talkie is simply a portable version of two-way radio. You can walk around and use a walkie-talkie, hence its name, but it has limits in distance too. Technically, a walkie-talkie is a two-way radio, but not all the two-way radios are portable so they’re not all walkie-talkies.

If you’re planning on buying higher-end models of walkie-talkies, then one way to reduce the overall costs is by buying a walkie-talkie secondhand. Of course, if you have security concerns then you don’t have to, but if you thoroughly check the system, then why not snag those savings for yourself and buy the walkie-talkie secondhand?

There are still a number of places where walkie-talkies are useful, particularly in instances where cell signal is difficult or inconsistent. Security industries are particularly avid in terms of the use of walkie-talkies to this day. Other industries that use them are: 1. Emergency services 2. Military 3. Transportation 4. Construction 5. Event Workers 6. Hospitality

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