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Maintain your air conditioner w/ these Aircon services in the Philippines. Find professionals w/ the listings on Carousell w/ service costs starting at PHP 250.

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Aircon Services in the Philippines

Given the fact that the Philippines is a tropical country, it’s understandable that plenty of households and other establishments have air conditioning installed as it helps ease the usually hot climate of the country. However, as with any appliance in the house or anywhere, it’s bound to encounter some issues with continued usage and that’s when you’ll need aircon services.

There are many ways that you may need aircon services when your aircon has issues and it will depend on what problems your air conditioning system are encountering. If you are unsure of what exactly you need to fix for your air conditioning, then you can get general air conditioning services for hire. Simply look for air conditioning services and you’ll be able to find a potential provider for it. The starting price of air conditioning services would range anywhere from PHP 400 to PHP 550. Many of the people who are able to work repair or process air conditioning services will be able to work on your refrigerator’s needs as well. Therefore, if you’re looking for refrigerator services as well, then there are plenty of providers available. The starting price of such a service would cost somewhere from PHP 300 to PHP 550. Even if you don’t have any issues with your air conditioner and simply need some help installing it, these professionals can also help you with that. The price of installation service for your air conditioning unit can range anywhere from PHP 250 to PHP 380,000 for the installation of a walk-in freezer or cold storage unit. Speaking of installation, there are also some who offer duct installation services. The price for that would start somewhere from PHP 350 to PHP 500. Sometimes, the filters on your air conditioning unit can get clogged and dirty so it isn’t as efficient or effective in bringing in cold air into the home. In this case, you’ll likely be in the need of a cleaning service for your air conditioner. Luckily, plenty of aircon services Quezon City providers and anywhere can provide you a decent cleaning for a starting rate of anywhere from PHP 50 to as much as PHP 550. If your air conditioning has issues and you’re starting to look up aircon services near me on search engines, know that there are plenty of service providers that can help you for PHP 250 to PHP 550 as a starting price. If you’re looking for aircon services that involve chemical cleaning for condensers, then you can expect to pay for that service costing somewhere from PHP 250 to PHP 600 to start with. If you don’t take the time to clean the condensers of your air conditioning unit, then it will have a harder time expelling heat so it will be more difficult to cool your home with it.

There are plenty of service providers that can help you deal with your air conditioning unit, and even your refrigerator, and you can access them all through either the Carousell website or app. You can find the starting price of their services right on their listing. You can even narrow the results down based on what specific service they provide. You can use the site and app’s chat feature as well to get directly in touch with your chosen service providers and discuss what servicing you need, the payment details, the schedule of the service, as well as negotiation of the price.

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A general aircon servicing provides a check-up of the components and other features of your air conditioning unit. The services that come with it would usually include the cleaning of its components to ensure that they are working as efficiently as possible.

Whether you’re looking for aircon services in Manila or otherwise, the price for a servicing usually costs depending on the provider and the scope of the work, but aircon servicing is usually quite affordable. You can expect to pay anywhere from PHP 250 to PHP 380,000 for more specialized and industrial-sized air conditioning units.

Carousell is a convenient place to look for aircon services in the Philippines. The providers are all in one place so that you can choose the right one for you. You won’t have to go anywhere else as well to contact the provider because there is a built-in chat feature on both the website and the app which is helpful. Aside from that, you can also narrow down the choices based on your budget which makes it easier to find the right provider for your needs

You should be giving a full service to your air conditioning unit at least twice a year, but a cleaning service might be more often than that, depending on the unit.