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Industrial Equipment for Sale in the Philippines

When you’re talking about industrial equipment, these involve types of machinery and other tools that manufacturing companies use to manufacture goods. These types of machinery are often large in scale and, in some cases, are highly specialized and specific to the industry that they’re in. Thus, industrial equipment isn’t necessarily easy to find or is used by the public very often because of its nature.

These days, however, there are many places where you can find and purchase industrial equipment that can help make your work more effective, efficient, and fast. Some industries require the use of this equipment to ensure that they will accomplish all of their goals. For example, there is plenty of industrial equipment needed in the agricultural industry. A hand tiller is one of them. Instead of having to till the soil manually, this equipment can help make the job easier. You can buy a used hand tiller for around PHP 40,000. Another type of industrial-level agricultural equipment that you may need would be a planter. You can get a double-barrel seeder, a hand push seeder, or a corn or cassava planter machine. For a double-barrel seeder, you can expect the price to be around PHP 2,832. On the other hand, a hand push seeder would cost around PHP 12,456. The larger corn/cassava planters, though, are going to cost a lot more at PHP 595,496 to PHP 834,361. There are also machines that aren’t industry-specific that you might need to have on hand. An example of that would be a welding machine. Depending on the size and type of welding machine, you can expect it to cost somewhere from PHP 1,125 to PHP 435,000. Another industrial equipment that is also very handy in many situations would be a forklift. Given the many supplies and tools that you’ll need during the manufacturing process, a forklift can help by lifting these heavy supplies easily and safely as well. The price of a forklift would range from PHP 17,160 for a manual forklift to PHP 8,300,000 for a heavy-duty forklift that is able to lift 25 tons. When you’re manufacturing goods, you often encounter heavy-duty versions of familiar equipment. For example, an industrial-grade or commercial-grade mixer is available for those manufacturers that need to mix large volumes of product. The cost for such a machine would be anywhere from PHP 14,000 for a small-scale mixer to as much as PHP 26,500,000 for a cement mixer truck. As mentioned before, industrial equipment tends to be highly specific. That’s why you can encounter large-scale machines of a specific purpose. For example, there are plenty of printing machines available on industrial levels. You can get one for PHP 14,800 for specifically printing on plastic cups. The most expensive ones that you can get cost around PHP 2,800,000 for an automated silk screen printing machine.

All of this industrial equipment isn’t easy to find anywhere else because of how large-scale or how unique to an industry they are. Luckily, you can find a consolidated list of various industrial equipment on Carousell. You can chat with the sellers of the equipment directly on the Carousell app or website. You can also discuss whether the item can be delivered or there needs to be a meet-up to get them.

Frequently asked questions

You can find many places that offer industrial equipment and supplies in the Philippines. However, the more specialized type of equipment you need, the harder it can be to find. You can contact manufacturers of this equipment directly or you can find online listing platforms like Carousell where industrial equipment manufacturers and their products and suppliers are consolidated in one place for your convenience.

Industrial equipment costs differ per industry, but they’re usually quite costly because of the large-scale production that they need to accomplish. With that in mind, you can expect costs for industrial equipment to be as low as PHP 2.76 for a single locknut to as much as PHP 2,800,000,000 for a large-scale hydraulic press.

Industrial equipment is a type of machinery used for a particular purpose within an industry. Usually, manufacturers use these for creating their goods. These machines can be mechanical, or electrical, and can either help create goods or produce a specific effect needed by the manufacturer.

Industrial construction involves the production and manufacturing of goods. On the other hand, commercial construction’s sole purpose is to gain a profit. Industrial buildings are used for storing and making goods for industrial purposes while commercial buildings are for businesses and engaging in commerce.

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