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Printers, Scanners, and Copiers for Sale in the Philippines

Printers are there to help you create physical printouts of digital documents that you’ve sent to your printer using a computer network. Scanners, on the other hand, convert physical documents or items by optical scanning and turns them into digital document. Lastly, copiers or photocopiers are machines that allow you to copy physical documents and other items directly onto a paper without having to use a computer network.

If you’re going to look out for printers, scanners, or copiers, you’ll find that there are a number of things that are available for purchase. Therefore, when you’re interested in buying any of these, it’s good to have a solid idea of what you’re looking for in whatever machinery that you have so that you can narrow down your choices. One way for you to narrow down your choice is by buying them based on the brand that you want it to be. A popular brand for printers and other of these types of machinery would be Canon. If you’re shopping around for machines from Canon, then you can expect it to cost anywhere from PHP 100 for simple Canon cartridges to as much as PHP 2,500,000 for a large printer. You can also get a portable printer which you can use for either printing receipts or printing small polaroid pictures. If you need portable printers, you can find them costing somewhere around PHP 400 to PHP 46,300. Another brand that is reliable in terms of printers, scanners, and copiers would be Epson. If you want an Epson machine, then it would cost you around PHP 43 for the ink to as much as PHP 1,576,495. If you are specifically looking for scanners specifically, you can find a variety of them with costs for an image scanner ranging from PHP 800 for a portable scanner to as much as PHP 1,020,800. Another type of machinery that you might be interested in getting would be a label maker. Although it can be a nice trinket, if you need to organize things, label makers are a great way to let you know what is in certain containers. With that said, the price of these label makers can cost anywhere from PHP 350 to as much as PHP 9,999.

There are multiple brands and shops where you can buy printers, scanners, and copiers but if you want them consolidated in one place, then Carousell is a great place to buy them. Not only will you get a variety of options but you can also find several different listings of secondhand versions of these printers, scanners, and copiers so you can lower your cost. If you’ve finalized your choices finally, you can ask more questions before buying them directly from the sellers of the listings that you want. There you can negotiate the price, ask about their preferred payment methods, arrange for a meet-up, or schedule delivery or shipping if you are finally going to buy their item.

Frequently asked questions

Printers, scanners, and copiers, including the accessories and additions that we can have for these gadgets, can cost anywhere from PHP 5 to as much as PHP 5,400,000. Printers, scanners, and copiers often cost similarly to one another but they would cost differently depending on whether you’re buying industrial-sized versions of them, or if you’re buying them secondhand, as well as what condition they are going to be.

Multifunction printers aren’t actually just printers. They are printers, scanners, and copiers all at once which is why they’re multifunction. Although they’re going to be significantly more expensive than buying a normal printer, or even a single scanner, or copier, it will be much cheaper than having to buy all three separately so if you find yourself scanning, printing, and copying things all the time, you might as well get a multifunction printer.

Laser printers are the more evolved version of an inkjet printer. Although an inkjet printer is perfectly sufficient in terms of printing results, laser printers have a lot more benefits for you compared to an inkjet printer. Laser printers can print things much faster than an inkjet printer and can print out high volumes of pages too. However, laser printers are going to be much more expensive than inkjet printers so keep that in mind.

A copier can create copies of a document physically so you don’t need to send it over a computer network to be able to produce that copy. However, you will need to have it physically there to be able to copy it. On the other hand, printers can print digital documents and print them onto the paper directly.

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