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Construction Tools & Equipment for Sale in the Philippines

Construction tools and equipment are needed items to be able to accomplish construction projects in an efficient manner. Otherwise, you’d have to be finishing projects a lot slower than it would take with the help of these tools. You can get either manual or automatic tools and equipment depending on the type of tool that you need. There are a wide variety of such items that you can find and will need during your construction projects both small and large in scale.

There are a variety of tools and equipment that you’re going to need and encounter. Not every construction tool is something that you need, but if you do construction frequently you might encounter it at some point. There are some construction tools that you may find is frequently available and needed as well. For example, lifting equipment is something that you would often need during construction. Lifting equipment is there to help raise or lower items and even people to certain heights. You can find a used car crane for PHP 2,750. You can also get a mini crane for a range from PHP 12,000 to PHP 132,000 for a new crane. Another type of construction equipment that you’ll likely need would be a generator. Given the many different electrical types of equipment that you’re using on a construction project, you’ll need a generator to be able to keep up. You’ll find that a generator is available for purchase for as low as PHP 5,400 for a smaller used generator to PHP 30,050,000. You’ll need a lot of handheld tools and equipment for more meticulous work during the project. There are different examples of equipment of this kind. One example is an angle grinder which you use for metal fabrication, a task that you likely have to do often. These tools are often corded or have a battery in them that you may need to charge. With that said, if this is a tool that you need to buy, you can expect to pay for it as low as PHP 950 for used and as high as PHP 36,400 for new ones. Varnishing is another type of activity that you may encounter on wood materials. If you need that glossy look, you’ll need a varnish topcoat. If varnishing is something that you need to do for your project, you will find that varnish can cost as low as PHP 230 or as high as PHP 1,595 depending on the brand of varnish and the quantity and quality of the product. Another example of construction equipment that you need frequently in these projects would be fans or industrial fans. There are even different types of industrial fans such as axial fans and centrifugal fans. They help generate airflow and ventilate an area which is critical when you’re in construction. These cost anywhere from PHP 1,050 for a used industrial fan to PHP 384,000 for a larger and newer axial or industrial fan.

Construction work is tough and it requires a lot of energy and effort as well as all sorts of moving parts. Luckily, you can always find some of these tools and equipment available in Carousell. You can contact a seller directly using the chat option to discuss things like delivery, wholesale supplication, and many more. Many of these sellers even offer mailing and delivery services, which you can ask about through the chat feature on the site and app.

Frequently asked questions

Since there is such a wide variety of items that serve as tools or even equipment for your construction needs, the pricing will vary. You can expect some items to cost as little as PHP 100 for a minor tool to as much as PHP 2,000,000,000 for serious equipment for large-scale construction operations or manufacturing needs.

Commercial construction involves projects that aim to make the thing under construction as profitable as possible. These are often commercial buildings such as restaurants, shops, and many other establishments that cater directly to consumers. Industrial construction is about constructing projects that deal with the manufacturing of goods and structures rather than catering to consumers directly. Although they’re different, these projects can use similar construction tools and equipment on some levels.

It all boils down to what the project is for and about. In some cases, the used tool is still workable and it won’t compromise the end result or the safety of the overall construction. However, if you believe that buying construction equipment used can potentially hurt or reduce the quality of construction, then it might be a better idea to buy as new as possible.

Carousell helps you find suppliers of both new and used construction tools and equipment so you won’t have to spend a long time finding a supplier, especially for specific tools in your industry. It also makes it easier for you to contact them by using the chat feature available on both the website and the mobile app. You can discuss wholesale costs, delivery issues, and more conveniently all through the help of Carousell.

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