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Get ahead of the game by getting these new developments for sale in the Philippines. Find project launches with Carousell and get prices as low as PHP 55,080 ASAP.

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New Developments for Sale in the Philippines

When looking for properties to invest in, new developments for sale in the Philippines are what people look for the most at first. You can find plenty of new developments available in a variety of places, especially in the major cities in the country. If you’re looking to buy one for yourself, it’s best to get one from these cities.

There are plenty of new developments that property developers are building these days given the many opportunities available in the country. With that said, there are plenty of new developments in Manila City for example that you can consider investing in. For example, there is the Manila Residences Tower or the One Taft Residences where you can purchase units. They offer commercial, office, and residential condominiums available for purchase. For this type of unit, you can get it for as low as PHP 2,125,933. There aren’t just condos available for purchase. There are also new land developments for sale that also come with a house if you want. For example, a new duplex house and lot for sale in Manila City would cost you somewhere around PHP 2,800,000 overall. There are also new townhouse developments for sale available for you to invest in. For example, there is a 3BR townhouse in Quezon City that you can purchase as good as new and turn into either your residential home or investment property. PHP 4,700,000 is the price that you can expect to pay for this townhouse. There are also plenty of new developments available outside of the metro. For example, Cebu City is a popular place to get new developments to invest in because there are a number of tourists both local and foreign that go to this city. With that said, for any well-developed city, one of the best investments to get would usually be a new condo & apartment developments for sale in the city. For example, this Asian-Balinese-inspired condo development is a great investment and it’s located in the Mabolo district in Cebu. If this is the kind of unit that you want to purchase, then expect to pay anywhere around PHP 3,638,047 for a unit. If you want to invest in properties, investing in popular cities like new developments for sale in Paranaque City is a great choice. For example, a unit in Sucat, Paranaque City is available for PHP 3,354,750 to get a unit in a mid-rise residential condo development like I-Land Residences, specifically in Tower 1. What’s great about this development is that it’s also conveniently located as it’s in a green community that is also creating an urban hub. With these features, you can get more interested investors over time. That’s why if you buy early for these new developments, you’ll have a better chance of getting a higher profit margin.

There are so many new developments that are great choices for an investment that property developers make. You can find many of them on Carousell. Once you find a listing that you think can be a profitable investment, then don’t forget to use the chat feature available so that you can negotiate even further and talk about the details of the unit. Don’t forget to use the filters as well so you can narrow down the results based on location, price, and more.

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There are many affordable new developments available, and you can even increase the discounts that you can get depending on how your negotiations went. With that said, the price for these newer developments can range anywhere from PHP 55,080 to as much as PHP 75,692,500.

One of the reasons why buying a new development is a good investment is that it doesn’t have wear and tear just yet. Thus, you can sell it off at the top price. Also, if you buy it while it’s in pre-selling, you can get an even higher profit margin. Given these reasons, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider buying a new development as an investment.

A good rule of thumb is to get developments from major/popular cities. Examples of great places to buy new developments in the Philippines would be the following cities: - Cebu City - Mandaluyong City - Manila City - Paranaque City - Pasig City - Quezon City - Taguig City These are just a few of the many cities in the country that are not only getting new developments but are also attracting a lot of attention in terms of investment opportunities so they’re great places to start looking for property investments for you to buy.

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