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Looking for cars for sale in the Philippines? Whether you are buying a new car or a secondhand car, Carousell Autos (formerly OLX) offers the best used car prices and the most reliable car sellers! Cheap secondhand cars are highly sought after by first-time car owners and the buying process is, most often, a frustrating one. Are you looking for a specific brand, automobile model, colour, or price range? From luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi to economical brands such as Honda, Toyota, and Nissan, we'll make sure you can get your ride in no time! Join us and be part of a trusted community with 24,000 satisfied car owners monthly. Sell Secondhand Cars at the Best Price Are you hoping to sell your car in the Philippines? Or in need of some used car selling advice? The easiest way to sell your car now is through Carousell Autos where you can reach out to millions of buyers. Wait no longer because the best time to advertise your car for sale is now! Start your selling journey by listing your preloved car for free on Carousell Autos today! Sell a Used Car and Advertise your Car for Sale in the Philippines Sell your used car and get the most value out of your preloved car without going through a car dealer. At Carousell Autos, you can advertise your secondhand car for sale and decide how much you want to earn from the transaction. The steps for selling your car is simple: Snap, List, and Sell. Follow our smart listing sell flow to ensure that buyers can easily find your used car listing. This allows potential buyers to filter through car makes, model and transmission types, and you will be selling your secondhand car in no time! Buying a Car Online in the Philippines Car brands always say that before you buy a brand new car, you should at least be able to test drive it. Up to about four weeks ago, this still made perfect sense. Given that cars are the next most important purchase you will probably make next to, say, a house or an apartment, it is but logical to ensure that what you’ll be paying for is worth your hard-earned money. Luckily for us, most car brands have their own social media accounts and websites. It is quite easy to update yourself with the latest offerings and deals available. You can even start doing some “window-shopping” online through Carousell Autos. Keeping in Touch with Your Brand Most car brands maintain a live social media presence. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, you can easily message their accounts to ask for the latest deals and promotions. Plus, you can update yourself on the latest models available. Car brands would love to take this opportunity to reach out to customers like you, so they can be on top of your mind once selling commences. You can even view brand new car offerings on Carousell Autos. No Test Drive? Watch Car Reviews Online reviews, whether on websites or as videos on YouTube are a dime a dozen on the Internet. While most are made by reputable motoring journalists, the real raw reviews can normally be found from actual users themselves. The search function is your new best friend here. You can either search for more detailed information about the car you fancy or be entertained by these reviews while waiting out the time to purchase your new ride. Top Vehicle Searches on Carousell Autos Japanese automotive brands were the top 3 searches on Carousell Autos in 2019. Ahead of the pack is Toyota as the most-searched auto brand, followed by Honda and Mitsubishi, respectively. It is not surprising that Toyota is the most dominant automotive brand in the Philippines, garnering the Triple Crown Award as the No. 1 car maker in passenger car sales, commercial vehicle sales, and total vehicle sales. Its popularity among secondhand buyers resonates very well as shown by its leading selection on Carousell Autos in 2019. The two other most-sought auto brands from Japan, Honda and Mitsubishi, are also highly preferred in the Philippines given their decades-long presence in the market, the prestige associated with their cars, and the popularity of their SUV models such as the Honda CRV and the Mitsubishi Montero Sport. For the adventurous ones who go off-road at times, their most-sought Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) for 2019 are Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Pajero, Honda CRV, Toyota Land Cruiser and Mitsubishi Montero Sport. ​