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Get better cables and adaptors for sale in the Philippines with Carousell's affordable listings. You can get affordable ones for prices ranging from PHP 1 to PHP 292K.

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Cables and Adaptors for Sale in the Philippines

Many technologies are readily available in one’s home these days, and many homes operate with all sorts of electrical appliances. Due to that, there will be additions in our home that come with the adoption of more electrical appliances such as an increase in the need for cables and adaptors.

If you need to replace some cables or simply need an adapter that you don’t have already, you can find a number of listings available for any type of cable or adaptors for sale that you may need. Since there are all sorts of electrical appliances and they come with a number of wires and all sorts, it makes sense that at some point you’re going to need to buy new cables or adaptors for yourself. For example, you might need to charge a specific item so you need to get a power adapter replacement for it. There are plenty of power adapters out there. Some are for the laptop while some allow you to be able to plug your device anywhere. If this is something that you need to stock up on, then you can expect to pay around PHP 16 for simple socket adaptors or conversion plugs or as much as PHP 3,290 for a power adaptor for a number of devices. Overall, they’re not going to break the bank at all. Since we’ve discussed before how every modern household these days has a lot of wires and cables running throughout it, there are likely going to be unruly and disorganized wiring around your house at some point. Although it might seem like a non-issue, these disorganized cables can be distracting and can make your home look messier than it is. To help you manage your cables better, you can always purchase a cable clip which can cost as low as PHP 5 to as much as PHP 630 for a multipurpose cable clip that comes with ports as well. One of the types of cable or wiring that we often use would be the chargers for our phones and laptops. Different brands can sometimes interchange the chargers with one another while others don’t. That’s why if you lose the charger for your device, it can be quite a hassle. If you’re also looking for a specific charger and want to know how much you think it’s going to cost you, then expect somewhere around PHP 100 for a well-used charger to PHP 5,000 for an Apple charger. Another reason why we might have wiring around the house is that we have services like Internet set up at home. Although you can always connect to the WiFi, sometimes you might want to connect straight to the router. If this is the case for you, then you will need an ethernet cable. For PHP 4 to PHP 3,000, you can get an ethernet cable or specific parts of one.

After you’ve looked through the listings for cables and adaptors, you can start to talk to the sellers to arrange everything. If you’re buying older cables, then don’t hesitate to negotiate with the owner through the chat feature. You can even use that feature to arrange or schedule pick-ups or meet-ups of the item or shipping/delivery.

Frequently asked questions

It depends on what you need to purchase but you can spend as low as PHP 1.50 for a conductor part of the cable to as much as PHP 292,800 for a cable stripper machine. The wires themselves should stay pretty affordable.

Although cables and adapters aren’t necessarily expensive, there are some people who might be buying in bulk or want to avoid adding unnecessary expenditures if they don’t have to. In this case, buying used cables might come into one’s mind. Of course, with that comes concerns about safety. A good rule to follow is to always check the quality of the item that you’re buying, especially when buying old cables or adaptors. If you do and find no issues, then there are no problems with used cables or adapters.

An adapter cable allows you to connect a specific type of hardware to another that would be incompatible otherwise. They come in different forms depending on what you need the adaptor for or what you’re plugging in.

There are all sorts of cables everywhere, but there are five main types of cables that you can base on their purpose. The different types of cables are: Coaxial cables Fibre optics cables Ribbon electric cables Shielded cables Twisted pair cables Although there are plenty of others not on this list, these are the main types of cable variations

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