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Power up your devices with these affordable chargers for sale in the Philippines. From your laptop to your phone, find listings on Carousell w/ prices starting @ PHP 25.

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Chargers for Sale in the Philippines

Electrical devices have become a companion in any modern person’s way of life. Everything from laptops to phones to even cars come with a charger nowadays. With how often we rely on these devices, it makes sense that at some point we will need to buy a charger to ensure that these devices have power. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use them.

As mentioned above, there are many devices that need charging these days so if you’re shopping around for a charger then you’re going to need to be more specific with what you’re charging. That way, you can narrow down your choices. For example, there are chargers whose purpose is to charge batteries directly instead of charging with the device itself. If you’re looking for a battery charger to charge either camera batteries or your rechargeable AA or AAA batteries or something like that, then you should get a battery charger. You can get such a charger for a price anywhere from PHP 50 to as much as PHP 13,290 for a charger that you use to charge up industrial tools. You can also narrow down your choices based on the brand of the item you’re charging. For example, Apple is notorious for not being as friendly with using another brand for chargers to keep the users in its ecosystem as much as possible. Thus, many people are looking specifically for lightning cables for their Apple products. If you’re also looking for a lightning cable, then expect to pay anywhere from PHP 150 for an off-brand one to as much as PHP 1,999. Another device that you likely use often and thus, need a charger for often would be a laptop. Some laptops can share chargers with other brands while others can only share within the same brand. It’s better to know the brand of your laptop to find the charger that you need and that is most compatible with your laptop. With that said, the price of a laptop charger can range anywhere from PHP 80 to as much as PHP 4,800. Another device that may have specific charging needs would be devices that have their specific charger cases. Airpods and many other Bluetooth earphones, for example, have a charging case to power up the earphones. If you somehow end up losing the case, it can be difficult to charge your earphones in any other way without them. However, you can always buy a charging case for as much as PHP 1,800, in the case of Airpods.

If you’re looking for chargers for sale in the Philippines, there are plenty of places to look for these items such as with Carousell. You can find listings of new and used chargers for sale and can even narrow them down based on your budget or the condition of the charger if you’re buying used. Use the chat feature to get in touch directly with the seller of the charger that you’re buying once you find a listing that interests you the most. You can negotiate price, discuss shipping, and ask about the condition of the item using that chat feature.

Frequently asked questions

The cost for chargers will depend on various factors such as the condition of the item as well as the brand and even what it’s charging exactly. With that said, if you’re shopping around and want a range to expect, then expect anywhere from PHP 25 for a simple USB charger to as much as PHP 50,000.

As long as everything is working fine, then you shouldn’t worry about buying a used charger. Of course, if you’re able to, try and inspect the product before you continue. If the wires themselves seem broken or something seems off about the charger, don’t feel like you have to buy it for that bargain. Otherwise, if everything seems good and you’ve tested the product beforehand, then there should be little to no issue with buying a used charger.

It’s okay to use off-brand chargers but there might be compatibility issues in some cases so always test before buying to make sure there are no issues.

There are three things that can indicate that you need to replace the charger: USB port, if any, of the charger has damages It won’t charge your device It charges your device for way too long Once you notice these things, then replace your charger.

The wattage is a measurement of how much power is flowing through whatever charger you’re using. Therefore, if your charger has a high wattage, then it can be a good indication of being a fast charger.

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