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Build your setup w/ these computer parts for sale in the Philippines. You can find new or used computer parts from Carousell w/ listings that cost as low as PHP 12.

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Computer Parts for Sale in the Philippines

A lot of people have become more tech-savvy these days which is why more tech enthusiasts are now building their computer set-ups from scratch. This trend gave rise to more people looking for computer parts for sale in the Philippines. It’s a great way to get a more customized and personalized computer set-up for a more affordable price after all that effort.

When you’re shopping around for computer parts, there are going to be a lot of moving parts in a computer setup that it will be difficult to find the part that you need. However, there are several of the essential computer parts that you can choose as the main ones. For example, the motherboard is a critical part of your computer set-up as it serves as the central communication center of your computer set-up. With that said, if you’re interested in buying a motherboard, it will cost you anywhere from PHP 99 to as much as PHP 100,000. Another critical part of your computer set-up would be the CPU processor. The processor serves as the computer’s ability to process and work through all sorts of information. Therefore, this is a part of your computer set-up that you would want to invest in a lot if you want a powerful computer. The price of a processor would cost you anywhere from PHP 70 to PHP 124,000 overall. One part of your computer setup that you’re going to need would be the CPU coolers. The more powerful your computer is, the more heat it is likely going to generate, so you need a decent cooling system for your computer to ensure that your computer doesn’t end up overheating after usage. With that said, if you’re buying a cooling system, the price is going to range from PHP 79 to as much as PHP 38,500. The graphic and video card is another crucial part of your computer setup as it will improve how the images, videos, and animations that you produce on your computer come out. If you’re buying a video or graphic card, then you should expect the price to cost anywhere from PHP 110 to as much as PHP 155,000.

If you’re interested in buying computer parts for sale, you can find plenty of them from various physical stores. However, Carousell is a reliable place to buy computer parts online that are both new or secondhand. You can find several listings of a variety of computer parts of different kinds for your setup. There is a search bar that you can use to type in the specific parts that you are looking for and even type in the brand that you want. You can even narrow it down based on the condition of the computer part. After you find a computer part that you want, contact the seller directly so you can further negotiate the price before buying it.

Frequently asked questions

If you buy computer parts of varying kinds, you should prepare a budget that ranges anywhere from PHP 12 for a simple power switch to as much as PHP 1,293,600 for a server. The older a computer part is, the more affordable it can be. Also, the brand of the computer part is also going to affect the price overall.

Although you can buy computer parts straight from the manufacturers if you want to, one way to get a huge discount on your computer parts is by buying them used. Many people who are into computer building from scratch would encourage many people to consider buying secondhand computer parts because it’s a great way to get a powerful computer setup without having to empty your entire savings out. That’s why you should consider buying secondhand computer parts, but make sure that you check the parts to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth still.

The major parts of a computer would be the following: 1. Ethernet 2. Hard Drive or Solid State Drive 3. Keyboard 4. Memory 5. Motherboard 6. Monitor 7. Mouse 8. Processor 9. Video Card

A lot of the computer parts are okay for you to buy used. However, if you want to know which particular parts of the computer are the best for you to buy used, here are several of them: 1. Central Processing Unit (CPU) 2. Computer case 3. Coolers 4. Monitors 5. RAM

Building your computer from scratch is going to give you benefits. The most important one would be the huge discount that you’re going to get unlike when you buy a computer set pre-made. Also, you will have more customization options if you build up your computer set-up from scratch.

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