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For PHP 4, you can start storing water and other drinks with these water bottles and tumblers for sale in the Philippines. Find them today on Carousell's platform.

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Water Bottles & Tumblers for Sale in the Philippines

Water bottles and tumblers are something that you need to have if you want to keep yourself hydrated anytime and anywhere.

There are many popular water bottle and tumbler brands in the country lately so one way to narrow down your results is by looking for the best brand that you want to use. Hydro Flask, for example, is a popular water bottle brand for many people. The price of Hydro Flasks ranges from PHP 80 to PHP 4,800. A competitor and another popular brand for these water containers will be AquaFlask. The price of AquaFlask bottles and tumblers, on the other hand, will be costing somewhere around PHP 40 to as much as PHP 4,900. Starbucks is also a popular brand for not just coffee but also for its water bottles and tumblers. Many people even set out to collect them. If you’re interested in getting a Starbucks bottle or tumbler, it’s going to cost you somewhere around PHP 40 to as much as PHP 89,999. There are many water bottles and tumblers that you can find but some people prefer a simple design by getting a stainless steel finish. If you want stainless steel water bottles, then it’s going to cost around PHP 60 to PHP 16,000. Since you’re carrying your water bottles all over the place, they might get some dings and scratches everywhere. Of course, one way to prevent your bottle from getting too scratched up, then you should get a silicon boot. The price of these silicon boots varies from PHP 30 to PHP 5,000. Sometimes, it isn’t just water that you expect to drink from these containers. For many people who are into fitness, you might need a container for your protein shake and need a shaker to come with it. A protein shaker will cost around PHP 40 to PHP 12,140.

Carousell has all kinds of tumblers and water containers to drink from and find if you need that.

Frequently asked questions

A water bottle is a container that holds water and is usually made of plastic or metal. It can be resealed, making it a good choice for people on the go. It takes on the shape of a bottle. A tumbler is a container that holds liquids like tea or coffee and may or may not have a handle. It can also be resealable, but the lid does not have to be removed in order to drink from it.

If you want reliable brands for water bottle containers, then your best bet would be AquaFlask, Hydro Flask, Decathlon, Klean Kanteen, Sinag Bottle PH, and many other brands.

You can buy water bottles or tumblers for as low as PHP 4 to as much as PHP 220,600.

Glass is the safest material for a water bottle or tumbler. However, there are some drawbacks to glass. It can break easily and it’s not recyclable. Plastic is also a good option because it’s lightweight, but plastic water bottles can leach chemicals into the water and they're not recyclable. Metal is also an option for a water bottle or tumbler because it doesn't leach any chemicals into the water and metal is recyclable. But metal does have its own drawbacks - metal containers can be heavy and expensive. The best material for a water bottle or tumbler would be stainless steel because it doesn't leach any chemicals into the water, it's lightweight, and it's recyclable.

It is okay to buy secondhand water bottles or tumblers if the seller assures the buyer that they are in good condition. Some people think that buying secondhand water bottles or tumblers is unsafe because they might not be clean enough. But, if the seller assures us that they are clean and in good condition, then it is okay to buy them. You can also thoroughly sanitize and clean it yourself if you want. As long as the item itself doesn’t have damages that can affect its quality, then there should be no problems.

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