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Charge your gadgets w/ these chargers and cables for sale in the Philippines. Find plenty of affordable listings with Carousell with starting prices @ PHP 19.

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Gadget Chargers and Cables for Sale in the Philippines

Our daily lives these days as modern individuals require the use of many different kinds of electronic gadgets. Since we use these gadgets so often and as a part of our normal lives, it makes sense that we will need to have the chargers and cables needed to give these gadgets the power that they need to continue to operate.

When talking about chargers, one popular gadget that people have would be mobile phones and a popular brand of mobile phones would be Apple or the iPhones. One thing about Apple is that they have a closed system which means that most of the time their gadgets have accessories that are exclusive to their line of gadgets. Therefore, you will have a difficult time finding an alternative to your gadget needs. With that in mind, that means that if you’re looking for a charger for your iPhone or cables for your iPhone, then you will need to have a specific kind to be sure that it will work for your phone. If you’re looking around for an iPhone charger, then the price can cost you somewhere around PHP 80 for the cord to as much as PHP 8,990 for a wireless charging pad that you can use. Another specific type of charger that people most often associate with Apple products would be the MagSafe chargers. These are what you use if you want to make the most out of the wireless charging feature that the iPhones have these days. The price of a MagSafe wireless charger would cost you around PHP 899 to as much as PHP 8,990. Speaking of the iPhone, another brand that produces a lot of electronic gadgets that is a strong competitor of Apple would be Samsung. Although Samsung isn’t as strict as Apple, you might still be interested in using only Samsung products for your Samsung gadgets. With that said, if you’re buying a Samsung charger, then expect to pay anywhere from PHP 50 to as much as PHP 5,000 for its fast wireless charger. If you’re shopping around for a cable for your gadgets, one type of cable that you might likely need would be Type-C cables. These are some of the fastest cables for charging and more these days which is why more gadgets are using these instead of their older predecessors. The price of a type-C cable could range from PHP 15 to PHP 2,500.

There are so many chargers and cables that you will need for the different mobile phones and gadgets that we have in our lives. If you’re shopping around for one, use Carousell so that you can get access to both new and secondhand chargers and cables to find the right one for your budget and needs. Speaking of budget, you can narrow down your results based on the price range that you are most willing to spend for your chargers. You can then chat with the seller directly to discuss price and shipping options after you’ve found the few that you want to buy from the most.

Frequently asked questions

You can find a used charger in the Philippines costing as low as PHP 9 to costing as much as PHP 8,990. The price of the charger that you are buying is going to depend on the type of gadget it’s charging, the features that come with your charger, as well as the current condition of your charger. Usually, the older and more used the charger is, the cheaper it is going to be.

The viability of buying secondhand chargers will depend on a lot of factors. You want to make sure that the old charger is still capable of charging at the speed that you want and at the voltage that your gadget needs. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money trying to get a bargain by buying the charger secondhand. If there are no issues that you encounter with the charger, then you should definitely not worry about buying it used.

Wireless charging pads are a great alternative to charging your phone or other gadgets that support it. They’re great for when you don’t want to fiddle around with the cables. You don’t have to worry about wireless charging pads replacing traditional wired chargers, because more often than not, the gadgets that support wireless charging still have wired chargers available for you to use and purchase.

For many people, chargers need to be at around 18W from just one part before you can consider them a fast charger. Therefore, if you’re shopping around for this particular charger, then you should check the wattage capabilities of the charger in question.

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