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Get storage for your devices w/ these memory cards and SD cards for sale in the Philippines. Discover plenty of options inside Carousell w/ prices starting @ PHP 45.

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Memory and SD Cards for Sale in the Philippines

Memory and SD cards are a much-needed component for people who need additional storage space for their digital data or information. If you’re ever using a phone, a tablet, a laptop, or any sort of electronic device then you’re likely going to need an SD or memory card at some point if you want to keep all that digital information without it affecting your device’s overall performance.

When you’re shopping around for memory or an SD card, what you’re looking for would usually be the storage capacity of the card as well as its price. However, other than that, it can be tough to narrow down your choices. One way for you to have an easier time narrowing down your choices is by going with a trusted brand. That way, you can rely on their reputation to ensure that you won’t regret buying their product. With that said, an example of a company that is reputable would be Sony. This company is well known for many of its products including its electronic goods and wares. Therefore, if you buy a memory card or SD card from them, then you are sure that it comes from a reputable company. If you want to buy a Sony SD or memory card, the price will cost you anywhere from PHP 200 to as much as PHP 20,499. If you’re looking for a company that people know particularly for their memory cards or digital storage solutions, then an example of such a brand would be SanDisk. They produce everything from hard drives to memory cards as well as USB sticks, so you know that their line of storage solutions is excellent. With that said, if you’re going to buy a memory card or SD card of some sort from them, then expect it to cost you around PHP 50 to as much as PHP 13,500. Another reliable brand that you can shop from with ease would be Toshiba. Although Toshiba primarily serves industrial-level companies out there, they also come up with a number of consumer products such as their reliable digital storage solutions like memory cards, SD cards, micro SD cards, and so on. PHP 149 to PHP 10,000 is around the price range for their line of memory cards.

When you’re shopping around for memory or an SD card, you’ll find a lot of sellers out there, but you can use Carousell to find one at the convenience of anywhere you may be. You can use Carousell to make your search easier for you by narrowing down the listings based on the different factors, such as the storage capacity of the memory card or the price range of said memory card or SD card. Once you narrow down the results to a select few that you prefer, you can then start contacting the sellers to clarify details or, if you want to buy their wares now, to schedule delivery, payment, or a meet-up with them all in one place.

Frequently asked questions

An SD card is a specific kind of memory card so when you’re referring to memory cards then it is the general description for a storage solution for digital data or information. There are many different kinds of memory cards and an SD card is one example of it. An SD card is short for Secure Digital and it’s a flash memory card format that you use for many different portable devices.

The price for a memory card or an SD card in the Philippines will differ depending on the capacity of the memory card as well as the read and write speed of the card. The condition and whether the memory card has been used before or not will also determine its price. With that said, PHP 20 to PHP 20,499 is a good range that you can expect a memory card to cost overall.

Buying a used memory card is a great way to cut costs as long as you know that the storage capacity is accurate and that there are no issues with the speed of the memory card.

When buying an SD card, some factors that you have to watch out for would be the speed of reading and writing data, storage capacity, and physical size. These factors are what you should look for regardless of whether you’re buying it used or not because these are the ones that truly affect how usable it is for you and whether they’re worth spending on or not.

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