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New & Used iPad for Sale in the Philippines

The iPad is a line of tablets that Apple developed to answer the growing demand for tablets. Since Apple creates excellent phones, it also makes sense that people know Apple makes excellent tablets. In fact, they’ve been dominating the market quite a bit in terms of the performance of their iPad over others in the market.

There are different kinds of iPads available for purchase, and some of them even come in different series. If you’re going to buy an iPad, it’s a good idea to be clear about which one you’re looking for. If you want to get an iPad without as hefty of a price tag as possible, then you should consider getting the iPad 9th generation as it is one of the best in terms of the balance between the price and the performance of the iPad. The price for an iPad 9th gen would range from PHP 2,000 to as much as PHP 33,000. Overall, the pricing isn’t that brutal on your wallet, especially when you compare them with the other offers from Apple in the tablet game. Of course, you can also narrow down your choices by simply looking at the iPads from a particular series. The iPad Air series seeks to expand deeper into the portability aspect of the iPad by making it even lighter and thinner than some of the other iPad series from Apple. Most of the features are similar enough to the standard iPad though. If you’re going to buy an iPad Air, then the costs would range from PHP 280 for an older model of the iPad Air to as much as PHP 54,000 for some of the newer models of the iPad Air series. If you want to get some of the best of the best that Apple can give you in terms of their iPad, then the iPad Pro series is what you should be getting. The iPad Pro seeks to elevate the iPad experience through better resolutions and graphics quality overall. Since an iPad is mostly the screen, it makes sense that Apple digs deep into this aspect the most for their iPad Pro series. PHP 6,000 to PHP 148,000 is how much these iPad Pro series iPads would go for overall.

There are all sorts of iterations of iPads and even more so different sellers of the iPad so if you want to make sure that you’re buying the right one for you, make the most out of Carousell’s filters and features. For example, you can use the chat feature to ask the seller directly about the tablet’s condition, negotiate its price, and arrange for a meet-up or shipping. You can also use the pre-set filters to find listings of a particular kind, such as a specific series of iPad or even listings that fall within a specific price range. By doing this, you’re one step closer to buying the best iPad for you.

Frequently asked questions

Usually, an iPad can last you a little over four years, but if you take proper care of it, then sometimes, it can last a lot longer. Of course, expect that after those four years or so, your tablet might stop receiving software updates that can improve its performance or keep its security up-to-date, so keep that in mind.

PHP 260 to PHP 255,003 is around the price you can expect to pay for an iPad. However, it can depend on which series you are buying and whether you’re buying it used or new. The older it is, the cheaper it can be, and the iPad’s condition can also affect how much it will cost you.

Although the iPad won’t have the same kind of power that a laptop does, that doesn’t mean that you won’t find any benefits from an iPad. What’s great about an iPad is that it’s much more convenient to bring around with you. If you don’t need to do any major tasks, then an iPad is the best on-the-go companion to have when you need a device that has a little more power than your phone would. Its portability and ease of use are among the biggest reasons people with a laptop still find themselves buying an iPad.

If you’re getting the newest or the newer models of iPad, then you’ll know that these can get quite expensive. However, one way for you to circumvent the costs of buying an iPad is by buying a secondhand one instead of buying a new one. Not only is it more eco-friendly to buy that, but it’s also more economical for you. As long as the iPad itself doesn’t have any issues that you will find debilitating, then you should grab that deal with no shame.

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