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New and Used Cables and Chargers of Gaming Consoles for Sale

Gaming consoles are one of the most popular electronic devices nowadays. Many kids and adults are finding themselves enthralled by this technological advancement. Video games and consoles are being played and utilized anywhere in the world and have provided a huge amount of fun and entertainment to gamers and non-gamers alike. Gaming consoles often come with accessories like chargers and cables for them to function properly.

Like many video games and consoles, gaming accessories are also in demand in the current market. Cables and Chargers for video consoles are also sold separately at affordable prices on the Carousell website. In the Philippines, these electronic gadgets are offered for sale, brand new or used. Second hand cables and charges are less expensive but are usually marketed in good condition.  A brand new Vita Slim charger compatible with the PlayStation, costs around PHP 400, while a game handle desktop charger can be bought for PHP 499. PSP chargers are highly efficient and are durable. A new Adam charger for Power Mac is around PHP 400 while the Gameboy Advance charger is sold for as low as PHP 150. A well-used original Nintendo DS Lite charger is available for only PHP 300. New PS3 component cables may be purchased for PHP 250 – PHP 450. On the other hand, an unused Razer Deathadder V2 pro cable is sold for PHP 200. Accessory parts may be bought in bundles for a higher price but they still remain below market value on Carousell compared to items bought in shopping malls and separate electronic stores. Like other gaming accessories, cables and charges must always be in the best condition for the gaming consoles to function smoothly. Accessory parts must always be handled with care as they make up a big deal of the video console’s components. A defective cable, charger, or even a battery may impede an otherwise superior experience with the consoles and the video games. Different consoles have different types of chargers and cables. Each accessory is priced differently in the market whether new or used. Prices for chargers or cables of similar consoles may also vary depending on the overall condition and where they were originally bought.

Availing a particular accessory depends on your need, preference, and budget. Carousell offers huge listings on new and used cable and chargers for game consoles that are up for sale. Items can be paid for via bank transfers, cash on delivery, Gcash, and Paymaya. Some sellers allow meet-ups as well as instant deliveries. Be sure to directly contact the seller for more details on the products, payment, and shipping.

Frequently asked questions

Most game consoles have charges and cables already included in the package. However, if you are buying a 2nd-hand game console, these accessories may not be included. New chargers and cables can be sold separately at an average price of PHP 350 while used ones are available at an average cost of PHP 200.

They allow the consoles to function properly. Without cables and chargers, the device may not turn on and work properly. It’s important to ensure that your game console cables and chargers are cared for to avoid having to purchase multiple times.

Video game consoles are electronic devices that allow for video games- both online and offline. Video game consoles are great for recreation; however, some online gamers compete in tournaments and competition as well.

Computers are also the most broadly used gaming device; in contrast to use of consoles and handheld gaming devices, there is no gender or age variation in game play on a computer—girls and boys, younger and older teens are all equally likely to play games using a desktop or laptop computer.

Yes. Carousell is a legitimate website that serves as a platform for sellers to market their products online. Carousell has good reviews and features a chat functionality that allows buyers to contact the seller directly from the website.