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New & Used Cases & Covers of Gaming Consoles For Sale

The first game console developed was during the 1970s by Ralph H. Baer. It was a simple spot-based game that was played on the television. Nowadays, the options are limitless from Playstation to Xbox and Nintendo. According to research, the best gaming consoles are the Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

Video games have been part of almost everyone’s childhood. Oftentimes, these video game consoles come in standard cases and covers, often in black, white or gray. But with the advent of handheld video game consoles for sale, vibrant and colorful cases and covers were introduced. The cases and covers for gaming consoles for sale are designed not only to make the device look aesthetically pleasing but also to protect it from wear and tear. On the Carousell website, you can find a multitude of new and used cases and covers for gaming consoles for sale at affordable prices. A brand new Nintendo Switch case for sale can cost between PHP 1,000 to PHP 2,500 depending on the design and manufacturer. A 2nd-hand or used case and cover for gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, are usually priced at PHP 300 to PHP 800. The used cases are generally like new, which means that they are in mint or very good condition with minimal scratches or dents. There are also transparent cases for gaming consoles available for sale for only PHP750 as well as game console pouches and bags that cost around PHP 700-850. You can also find new and used cases & covers for gaming consoles like PSP for sale on the Carousell website. Used PSP cases and covers cost between PHP 500 to PHP 700. If you have a PSP Go (Playstation Portable Go), you can buy a brand new case for as low as PHP 390. There are also used Gameboy SP carrying bags for sale at only PHP 399. Apart from handheld gaming devices, Carousell also has several new and used gaming console cases and covers for sale. You can find a PS5 replacement shell or case for sale starting at PHP 400 and can go as high as PHP 700 depending on the quality and condition.

When looking for game console cases and covers for sale, it is important to fully check the condition of the accessories. Check on the listings whether the item is like new, barely used or well-used. You can also verify this with the seller by messaging the seller directly from the site’s chat functionality.

Frequently asked questions

A brand new game console case & cover can cost between PHP 1,000 to PHP 2,000 depending on the design, manufacturer and durability. A used game console case, on the other hand, can cost between PHP 200 to PHP 700 depending on the type and condition.

The main reason gamers purchase cases and covers for gaming consoles is to protect the device from wear and tear, particularly the controllers on a handheld device. Another reason is for aesthetic purposes. Many handheld gaming device cases come in beautiful and colorful designs.

A home video game console allows users to play video games by connecting it with a display device like a television. Some examples of these include Nintendo Wii U, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Unless you are a pro-gamer, it is more convenient and easier to play using a gaming console. In addition, most gaming consoles do not require upgrades and are generally cheaper than computers.

Yes it is. Carousell ensures that all users and listings on the website are verified and checked to avoid scam and fraudulent activities. In addition, reviews and ratings are added on the listings and seller profiles to show past transactions and help potential buyers to get feedback from previous customers. Communicating with the seller is also hassle-free with the site’s chat feature.

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