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New and Used Video Game Controllers for Sale

A video game controller is an input device that is used for playing various video games. It is typically used to move objects or make your in-game character go from one place to another. Before the 7th generation of game consoles, the primary means of using a controller was by plugging it into the controller port of the console. Nowadays, it has been replaced by wireless controllers that do not need any controller ports. Instead, they are powered by a battery or connected through a USB port. Other input devices like keyboards, mice, gamepads, and joysticks are also considered game controllers.

You will find different kinds of video game controllers for sale on Carousell. This includes Steam controllers, PlayStation 1 to 5, Xbox, and GameCube, and computer generic controllers. You can even find unique variations of these controllers. A brand new computer generic controller can cost as low as PHP 150, while a PlayStation 2 controller is available at PHP 300. If you are looking for something more affordable, you can score a slightly used computer generic controller at PHP 90, while a preloved PlayStation 2 controller is worth PHP 200. There is also the used Xbox 360 wired controller for PHP 250 and a PlayStation 4 Dualshock V1 controller for PHP 700. If you are looking for something unique, there is the slightly used PlayStation 1/2 Taraka Roulette Controller worth PHP 350, a preloved Guitar Hero Guitar controller for PHP 40, and a brand new Dance Dance Revolution mini controller for PlayStation 1 worth PHP 400. For as low as PHP 200, you can buy a PlayStation 1 controller or a Nintendo Super Famicon controller. Meanwhile, one of the most expensive new or used video game controllers for sale on Carousell includes Nintendo Wii Wheel and an original, first generation Xbox controller that are worth PHP 500 each. For the Nintendo fans, most of the game controllers available in the all-in-one marketplace are slightly used or heavily used, which costs between PHP 300 and PHP 7,500. You can score a  preloved Nintendo Switch console for PHP 8,999 while a brand new console is at PHP 16,000. Depending on the seller, you can pay for a video game controller via online banking, mobile money transfer, or cash in hand when you opt for a meetup. You can get your video game controller through meetup, pickup, or delivery.

For as low as PHP 90, you can acquire a slightly used computer generic controller. There are brand new ones on the Carousell website as well if you prefer new. Some sellers list both new and used game controllers. Just check with the seller directly via the chat feature for availability.

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the brand and condition of the video game controller for sale, you may need to shell out between PHP 90 to PHP 16,000. The price does not include the handling fee if you will get your controller through meetup or shipping if through delivery.

There are various kinds of video game controllers. The controllers we know today are the gamepad, joystick, trackball, and steering wall. Your computer keyboard and mouse also serve as a game controller when you use it for playing video games.

Included in the list of best video game controllers are the Xbox Elite Controller series, PS4 Dualshock 4, Super Nintendo gamepad, Nintendo Switch Pro controller, and Xbox Adaptive controller. Nonetheless, the best controller is one that suits your existing gaming console.

There is no known video game controller that can work for all consoles in the market. However, a Kickstarter project the All Controller was launched in 2017. In theory, it is a controller that allows you to connect on all consoles using a USB port. It is currently available for pre-order.

Carousell ensures the safety of all its users through its extensive verification process. This makes buying new and used video game controllers on Carousell PH safe and convenient.

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