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New & Preloved Interactive Gaming Figures Online For Sale

Interactive gaming figures or toys-to-life is a feature on a video game that uses physical action figures to communicate or interact with the game. This is done using image recognition data protocol, NFC (near field communication), or RFID (radio frequency identification). These technologies are designed to determine the figure’s proximity to the game console, and save the player’s progress.

The first interactive gaming figure is Redbeard’s Pirate Quest: Interactive Toy, which was released in 1999 by Zowie. Interactive gaming figures usually come with a portal device that “transports'' the player’s character and data into the game. There are also in-game power-ups that gamers can win or purchase. Some of the latest interactive gaming figures include Skylanders, Amiibo, Beyblade Burst and Lightseekers: Awakening. Interactive gaming figures are usually sculpted to look like the characters or the accessories on the video game. On the Carousell website, there are several new and preloved interactive gaming figures for sale at really affordable prices. A new Amiboo interactive gaming figure for sale cost between PHP 1,500 to PHP 2,500. A pre-loved interactive gaming figure for sale, on the other hand, cost around PHP 700 to PHP 900. The price range for new and preloved interactive gaming figures for sale vary depending on the video game and console it is associated with. The most common interactive gaming figures for sale on Carousell are from popular games such as Legends of Zelda, Super Smash Bros, and Monster Hunter Rise. You can also purchase pre-loved or used Animal Crossings Amiibo coins for only PHP 500. Some brand new interactive gaming figures like Amiibo tokens are sold for as much as PHP 1, 400.  These coins and tokens can be used in your Animal Crossings to unlock in-game features, accessories and upgrades. Other interactive gaming figures for sale on the Carousell website are Amiiboo cards, which are sold for as low as PHP50 per card or as high as PHP 500 per card. Interactive gaming figures are a great addition to your gaming experience as it adds a more realistic dimension into online gaming. Apart from that, these game accessories help players level up on the game, gain new skills, upgrade their armor and finish quests more effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, interactive gaming figures are a great collector’s item that you can keep even when not playing.

Although the majority of the interactive gaming figures on the Carousell website are from popular video games, you can still find unique and classic items at reasonable rates. You also have an array of options when choosing as several of the listed items are either new, like new or in mint condition.  You can verify the condition of the item directly from the seller if needed.

Frequently asked questions

New interactive gaming figures usually cost around PHP 1,000 to PHP 2,500 depending on the video game and the developer. Meanwhile, pre-loved interactive gaming figures are generally cheaper starting at PHP 300, but can go as high as PHP 900.

Apart from being aesthetically-pleasing and a collector’s item, interactive gaming figures are an important addition to any video game. Interactive gaming figures are designed to help gamers purchase or access in-app game features, accessories and upgrades. Some interactive gaming figures are also designed as additional playable characters in the game.

The most popular interactive gaming figure is Skylanders. Other notable interactive gaming figures are Lego Dimensions and Amiibo’s Legend of Zelda games and Smash Bros.

Most of the interactive gaming figures nowadays are developed and played on the Nintendo gaming console including the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3Ds.

Purchasing new or preloved interactive gaming figures on Carousell is as easy as 1-2-3. Once you have selected the item you wish to purchase, you can contact the seller to discuss pricing, the condition of the item and other information you need. You can contact the seller through chat or the provided contact information on the seller’s profile.

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