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New & Used Xbox Games For Sale

Developed and owned by Microsoft, Xbox is a video game brand that consists of five game consoles and multiple games including 2006 FIFA World Cup. It also includes streaming services called Xbox Network and game development arm called Xbox Game Studios. Xbox was launched in November 2001 with Xbox, and has since released four consoles, multiple games as well as controllers and other accessories.

Xbox and its succeeding versions (Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S) have been in great demand over the years. On the Carousell website, you can see hundreds of used Xbox games and consoles for sale at affordable prices. A brand new Xbox game console for sale generally costs around PHP 12,000 to PHP 29,000 in the market. But on the Carousell website, you can get a brand-new Xbox game console for as low as PHP 19,000  while a used or second-hand game console can go as low as PHP 7,000 only. The price is also highly dependent  on the condition of the console and the accessories that come with it. Majority of the available Xbox game consoles for sale on the website come with the usual accessories such as game controllers, wireless adapters, gamepad and dock charging station. In some cases, games may also be included in the package which is considered a great deal as most Xbox games for sale are on the expensive end. However, if you already have an Xbox game console, you can also find a wide range of used/second-hand Xbox games for sale at really affordable rates. For games on the original Xbox, a second-hand Xbox game for sale can cost between PHP 300 to PHP 450. Some of the games listed on the website include Prince of Persia Warrior Within, Dragon Age Origins, and Starwars. There are also Xbox 360 games for sale starting at PHP 500 only. Some older Xbox games for sale like Borderlands, Lego Harry Potter, Batman 2 and Lego Marvel are available for only PHP 100. The more expensive video games for sale on the website are Gears of War 3 Limited Edition priced at PHP 2,000 and Battlefield 2042 for PHP 1,300.

Whether you are looking for video games for your Xbox One, 360 or X Series, you can easily find them on the Carousell website. In addition to the wide range of available video games for sale, most of the listings on the site are offered at reasonable rates. To check the availability of an Xbox games and console for sale, you may contact the seller directly through the chat feature on the website.

Frequently asked questions

Brand new and used Xbox video games cost between PHP 300 to PHP 1,000. Video games for newer Xbox game consoles generally cost more, especially those that are in high demand such as NBA 2K12.

Video games tend to cost a lot, especially new releases and those for newer versions of Xbox game consoles. Hence, it is more economical to buy a pre-owned video game. Plus, it is a great way to score vintage or classic video games that are usually unavailable in the market.

The main advantage of buying a second-hand Xbox video game is the price since most pre-owned games cost below market value.

Although there are no specific regulations on selling digital Xbox video games, it takes a more tedious process as it requires a 3rd-party marketplace to sell. It is more convenient and safer to buy Xbox video games in disc form. These types of games can easily be shipped and are generally not tied to any Xbox account.

Buying new and used Xbox video games from Carousell is easy and hassle-free. All you need to do is to select the game you are interested in and check for its availability. You can do this by messaging the seller via the site’s chat functionality. You can also contact the seller directly through the contact information provided on the seller’s profile.

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