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A video console is an electronic device that outputs a video signal or image to display a video game that can be played with a game controller. These may be home consoles which are generally placed in a permanent location connected to a television or other display device and controlled with a separate game controller, or handheld consoles that include their own display unit and controller functions built into the unit and can be played anywhere. Hybrid consoles combine elements of both home and handheld consoles.

The first video game consoles emerged in the early 1970s with the first batch dedicated to only a set group of games built into the hardware. Handheld consoles emerged from technology improvements in handheld electronic games as these shifted from mechanical to electronic/digital. Since the 70’s both home and handheld consoles became more advanced following global changes in technology. Presently, we have a wide range of game consoles, video games, and game accessories being sold at the market. In the Philippines, several used and new video games and consoles are marketed via the Carousell website. These devices are sold at a lower price yet the items are usually offered in good condition. Used PSP slim 2000 model, a handheld console, can be bought for PHP 2000 only while brand new PSP 2000 can be purchased for as low as PHP 3000. Unused and sealed Meta Quest 2 or the Oculus Quest 2 are available for sale at a price range of PHP 15000 – PHP 19000. They come with complete accessories including a charger and a battery. These gadgets are equipped with built-in high resolution games ranging from sports and other fight games. Arcades are also offered on the Carousell website. These often gigantic video consoles normally found in gaming areas in shopping malls, provide their players a one-of-a-kind experience with their big screens, booming sounds, and a wide variety of games to choose from. A brand new Arcade Vewlix cost approximately PHP 75000. The smaller version, the typo mini arcade game is sold for PHP 1200 – PHP 3000 depending on its condition. A pre-loved Game Boy Advance can be bought for PHP 2000 while previously owned Sega Saturn is available for as low as PHP 850. Used Xbox one is still priced a bit high of around PHP 17000 – PHP 17500. The device expectedly comes with several built-in games and is equipped with excellent features and specs. Video games and consoles are the latest trend in the market, and will probably stay on top of the line for many more years to come. These highly advanced technologies have provided kids and adults alike a source of fun and enjoyment. Each console has its own unique features that add up to its appeal and capability. In a society where one cannot run away from the stresses of daily life, video games and consoles offer a sort of repose with their capacity to bring you into an altered world where reality meets imagination. Video Games vary from action to adventure and are interesting enough to hold the players’ attention. Games are in high resolution and provide gamers a sense of actuality. Built-in games in video consoles are as aesthetic and appealing as the gadgets themselves.

Depending on your budget, you may opt to choose from a small handheld console to a large home console. On Carousell, availing of your chosen video games or consoles is made easy by flexible payment and/or delivery terms. You may pay for the items via Bank Transfer, Gcash, and COD. Products are either delivered or picked up depending on your preference. To know more on the available used and new video games and consoles up for sale on the website, you may directly contact the sellers listed on the platform.

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the console. Usually used handheld consoles may cost around PHP 2000 while brand new home consoles, an average price of PHP 9000 – PHP 1000.

If you’re a gamer or simply someone who loves to spend their free time playing video games, a game console can do wonders to your mood and experience. It may cost a great deal of money depending on the device’s condition, but a console can be used for a long period of time.

Video game consoles hold their value better than most home electronics. As long as it works, someone likely wants to pay you for it. Many collectors willing to shell out for older game systems will buy multiples of the same console so that they have "backups" in case something breaks.

Important specs you should look at are the: CPU, GPU, RAM, system storage, expandable storage, extended storage, video output, audio output, connectivity, and networking features.

Carousell is a legitimate website that serves as a platform for sellers to market their products online. Carousell has good reviews and ratings all over the country and other places in the world.

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