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New & Used Playstation Games & Consoles For Sale

PlayStation or more popularly known as PS is a popular home video game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. The first PlayStation was called PS1 or PSX and was launched in December 1994. Sony has since launched 4 major consoles and handheld systems- the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita. Sony also releases different PlayStation controllers designed for optimal gaming use.

Despite the prevalence of computer and mobile games, many players still prefer game consoles over PC or mobile. Brand new PlayStation consoles for sale in the Philippines cost around PHP 24,000 exclusive of games. But if you are looking to save, you can find used and 2nd-hand games and consoles for sale for sale on the Carousell website. A second-hand PS4 Slim game console for sale costs between PHP 12,000 to PHP 15,000. It already comes pre-installed with the latest firmware and has 1TB memory. Gaming controllers, power cords, HDMI, micro USB, manual and the original box usually comes with the price. If you are on a budget, you can opt for a 500GB PS4 Slim console for sale at a bargain price of PHP 8,000 to PHP 9,500. There are also several PS5 Disc version game consoles for sale starting at PHP 35,000,000 and can go as high as PHP 45,000. There are also several PlayStation games for sale listed on the Carousell website. Some of these games for sale are available for as low as PHP 1,000 only. PlayStation games and consoles for sale are ideal for those who prefer powerful specs without spending a lot. Apart from the wide range of games to choose from, game consoles are often packed with features that are unique to consoles only. One unique feature is how gamers can play the game with the option to buy games physically or digitally. In addition, new versions of game consoles for sale in the Philippines have cloud streaming and a digital store where players can purchase new games and other in-app features. Multiplayer options are also available, which allow players to connect and play with their friends together virtually. Another great feature of consoles, particularly PS5 is its backward compatibility. This feature allows the player to use games released for old consoles with the new one, which helps save up on buying new game CDs over and over again.

When it comes to new and used games and consoles for sale, you won’t go wrong with choosing from the Carousell website. Apart from the hundreds of available listings, Carousell allows buyers to check the product before making the purchase. You can do this by contacting the seller directly through the website’s chat feature.

Frequently asked questions

The average cost of a used PlayStation game console for sale is between PHP 8,000 to PHP 35,000 depending on the version and inclusion.

Used or second-hand game consoles for sale are generally less expensive than brand-new consoles and gaming PCs. In addition, several of the used game consoles for sale on the Carousell website already include free games, controllers and cables.

Most game consoles last for up to 6 years. However, as new technology emerges, new versions will come up that may offer better gaming experience, more game compatibility and be more budget-friendly.

A pre-owned game console is simply a used console. A refurbished gaming console, on the other hand, means that a technician has taken the console apart and fixed any problems on the console. Refurbished game consoles also have some of its components or parts replaced, which makes it almost like new.

Yes it is. Carousell verifies all users and listings on the website to ensure the safety of all users, and to avoid fraudulent activities on the website. In addition, buyers can verify the availability and condition as well as negotiate pricing with the seller easily- thanks to Carousell’s chat feature. Buyers can also opt to call them directly using the provided contact information.

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