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Explore affordable listings of apartment and condos for rent in Baguio City all on Carousell. You can get yourself a cheap transient unit starting at PHP 2.5K/month.

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Apartments and Condos for Rent in Baguio City

Baguio City is one of the most popular cities for holidays in this country. As a popular destination in the Benguet province, one of the main reasons why it’s such a popular destination is because of the cooler climate that this city usually has compared to what is common for the rest of the country. Some popular destinations would be several local parks, the mountainous area, as well as the local food scene.

The reasons why people flock to this city are parts of the allure of staying in this city for an extended period even outside of a holiday season. Therefore, if you want to get apartments and condos for rent in Baguio City, no one would be surprised because of how lively this city is despite being a cool, mountainous city. With that being said, if you’re going to look for a rental unit from this city, there are many options waiting for you. For example, a 2BR unit is available for rent from this city which is perfect if you’re planning to share the unit with another person. PHP 15,000 to PHP 35,000 a month is a good approximation of the rental unit rate for this type of unit. However, if you’re renting a transient room, the rates would differ. A 1BR unit is another type of unit that you should consider renting from this city as it’s one of the options that are made for individuals moving into this city aside from a studio unit rental. The price for such a unit is about PHP 18,200 to PHP 20,800 per month. Now, since there are a lot of people who are intrigued by this city, some people might not want to stay here for a long time. In this case, a short-term rental is the best option and you can rent such a unit for the price of PHP 18,200 to PHP 32,500 per month. Many of the short-term rentals come semi-furnished or fully furnished given the nature of the rental. However, if you’re going to stay in this city for a relatively longer time period, though, and you don’t mind working through your furnishings, then renting an unfurnished unit is a great option. PHP 11,000 is a pretty good starting rental rate for this type of unit.

The best way to narrow down the choice of rental listings in this city is by ensuring that you talk to the owners of the rentals first before committing to anything. Instead of going off based on the listing description alone, you can use Carousell’s chat feature to directly talk about other concerns you may have about the rental, such as their preferred payment option, document requirements, and many more.

Frequently asked questions

On average, PHP 548 per square meter of the unit is about what you can expect to spend in a month when you rent a unit from this city.

This city has always been a popular place for people from this country as a vacation destination. Thus, if you plan on staying here and renting a facility, the features in this city that you only get to enjoy during a vacation will now be well-loved features that you will be well-acquainted with while you’re there. For example, the exciting food scene and the local tourist attractions will be something that you can enjoy at any time so you no longer have to compete with other tourists to enjoy those.

When talking about a short-term rental period, that usually means that the length of stay would usually last less than six months. However, some property owners might have different rules when it comes to what short-term means. That’s why it’s recommended that you talk to them first to clarify what they mean by short-term.

An unfurnished rental unit is a great choice as it offers multiple benefits. For an unfurnished rental specifically, one of the most significant benefits when renting that unit is that it would cost a lot cheaper per month than renting the other types of unit in this neighborhood. Aside from that, an unfurnished unit is best for people who want to have a lot more options when it comes to the furniture and appliances that they can add into the unit. If you already have everything that you can need, you might as well get an unfurnished unit so that you reduce your monthly rental fee while also bringing in all the appliances and furniture that you already have into your new unit.

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