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Find a huge list of apartments and condos for sale in Pasig. Affordable 1BR, 2BR, ready for occupancy, studio apartments to stay. Best price from Carousell!

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Apartments & Condominium for Sale in Pasig City

Pasig City is a highly urbanized city in the National Capital Region of the Philippines, bordering Metro Manila and Rizal - this city holds an incredible location. Although it was historically a residential region, in recent decades it has been rapidly developing and becoming more commercial. The city hosts a huge variety of financial resources, including Ortigas Centre, a top business district. Educational institutions including the University of Asia and the Pacific are also located here.

There is a wide variety of options when it comes to apartments & condominiums for sale in Pasig City on Carousell Property Listings - you can easily find the perfect home on the perfect budget. For those looking for modern and contemporary designs on high floors, Pasig City is a great option. Several of the properties are newly built and have a modern design, these can be purchased from a starting price of PHP 8,000,000. Several of the properties come in high-rise buildings, with incredible views overlooking the city and balconies where you can enjoy the cool breeze. For movers on a time crunch, you can find high-rise studios, or multi-bedroom flats that come fully furnished and ready for occupancy. Those looking for Foreclosed properties, can find condominiums from a starting price of PHP 1,180,000 up to PHP 36,000,000 for larger and more centrally located properties.

Pasig City is a great city for new home buyers, and prices here can start from as low as PHP 12,000,000, and can go up to PHP 480,000,000 for the more luxurious and modern homes. With a huge range of styles, and sizes you’re sure to find the perfect home for you. Several condos and apartments in Pasig City are available with little, or no down payment, they even offer flexible payment plans with negotiable prices. For buyers traveling from overseas, several sellers offer virtual tours making the process a much smoother one.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the average price of houses in Pasig City?

Pasig City is a great city for new home buyers, and prices here can start from as low as PHP 12,000,000 and can go up to PHP 480,000,000 for the more luxurious and modern homes

Why Should I Invest in Pasig City?

Its incredible position next to metro manila, as well as booming business opportunities, means that this region is one that’s constantly growing and developing. Prices here are affordable, and the location is great making this a great place to invest.

How far is Pasig City, Quezon City from Manila?

Manila is roughly 14 km away from Pasig City with several travel options between the two locations. Depending on traffic conditions the distance can be covered in a 40-min drive.

How many barangays are there in Pasig City?

Pasig City is divided into 30 Barangays, which are grouped into two districts for city council purposes. The first district includes the southern and western portions of the city, and the second district includes the Northern and eastern barangays.

Is a pre-owned house better than a newly built house?

Choosing between a pre-owned house and a newly built house is a common struggle, after all, they’re both great options with their own advantages. Buyers often consider price, time frame and style when looking for their new homes. Pre-owned houses are a great option for buyers looking for lower prices and classic designs - however, they may need slightly more work prior to moving in. Buyers who are keen on modern styles, often prefer newly built homes that come with smart technologies - though these tend to be priced slightly higher than a pre-owned home.

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