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Find a wide variety of house and lots for sale in Benguet on Carousell. Single-detached homes for sale at affordable prices. Price starts at PHP 3,000,000!

House and Lot for Sale in Benguet

Benguet is a landlocked province of the Philippines located in the southern tip of the Cordillera Administrative Region. Its capital is La Trinidad. The highland province is known as the Salad Bowl of the Philippines due to its huge production of upland vegetables. Baguio City is known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines and is composed of a number of resto-bars, hotels, resorts, and other commercial and business establishments.

Benguet is one of the most sought after places in the country because of its favorable climate and atmosphere. The place is often visited by tourists especially during the summer. The cool climate of the province has encouraged many non-locals to seek permanent residence in the area or invest in properties within the premises. The continuous influx of tourists and visitors from NCR and other places in the country is opening up more opportunities for developers to expand lands and residential units within its boundaries. Currently, Benguet has several real estate properties situated in strategic locations across the province. The majority of the properties can be found in Baguio City, and are up for sale at affordable prices. Carousell offers a wide range of listings on properties for sale in Benguet which include luxurious house and lots situated within equally high-end subdivisions. Many of the houses being sold in the province are immense and have several bedrooms. Most housing units are brand new and Ready for Occupancy. A RFO 3-4 bedroom  house and lot approximately costs PHP 10,500,000 - PHP 16,000,000 while a 5-8 bedroom unit can be availed for PHP 12,000,000 - PHP 18,000,000. Pre-selling house and lots with 2-4 bedrooms are offered for PHP 5,000,000 - PHP 33,000,000. Pre-owned 3 bedroom houses may be bought for PHP 1,700,000 - PHP4,500,000. Prices vary depending on the lot size, condition of the properties, amenities, overall environment, and specific location of the properties. House and lots often come with grand interiors, expensive furniture and appliances, and beautiful gardens. Houses also come with a laundry room, a maid's quarter, storage areas, a utility room, a dirty kitchen, and a carport. The residential areas in Benguet are strategically located near primary establishments such as malls, convenience stores, clothing boutiques, food shops, restaurants, fast-food chains, etc.to make it easier for residents to shop around and buy their basic necessities. Villages are also just a stone's throw away from important institutions such as hospitals, clinics, churches, schools, and government agencies. Well-maintained roads and streets are located near the residences, and various means of transportation such as jeepneys, taxi cabs, FX's and buses traverse the areas allowing the people to travel conveniently within and outside the premises.

Availing house and lots in Benguet is fairly easy as payment comes with flexible terms and residential options are numerous. Be sure to check out Carousell to determine the property that best fits your needs and preferences. For information on prices, payment, and discounts directly contact the sellers indicated on the listings.

Frequently asked questions

The average price of properties in Benguet varies depending on the type of properties and the overall infrastructure. RFO Single detached houses with 3-4 bedrooms cost around PHP 13000 on average while a Pre-selling housing unit with 2 bedrooms are offered at an average price of PHP 15000000 - PHP 2000000 depending on the lot size and facilities.

Benguet has a peaceful environment; it is less crowded and has a favorable climate. The province is well- established and has numerous resources and amenities to provide for an ideal and luxurious lifestyle. The residential options in the area are high-end, prestigious, and very affordable. Benguet is home to friendly people and neighborhoods. Those who are more into a suburban atmosphere but still wish to live a modern lifestyle may want to invest in Benguet.

House prices typically go up in the long run, but your particular house is not guaranteed to increase in value if you do not maintain your property.

Pre-selling units are more affordable compared with ready-for-occupancy units. Due to its lower introductory price, units are 30 to 50 percent cheaper than the finished one. On top of that, developers often throw in 5 to 10 percent more discounts or offer more flexible payment schemes for pre-selling units.

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