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House and Lot for Sale in Bogo City, Cebu

Located in the province of Cebu, Bogo City has a population of 88,867 as of the 2020 Census. It represents 1.10% of the total population of the Central Visayas region. One of the known tourist attractions in Bogo City are the Nailon Beach Resort and Nagano Pension House. During May, Bogo City commemorates Pintos, a local festival that celebrates the city’s popular delicacy made with corn.

As a coastal town, Bogo City is an attractive location both for residential and commercial purposes. For those looking for a place to live in, Bogo City will certainly not disappoint and that is evident in the multiple listed affordable houses and lots for sale on Carousell. The listed properties on Carousell vary from pre-selling to RFO and a few pre-owned or foreclosed houses and lots. A brand new 3-bedroom house in Bogo City can cost between PHP 4,500,000 to PHP 7,000,000. This type of affordable house and lot already includes dining, kitchen and living areas as well as a carport. With a lot area of 40-50 sqm, this offers buyers ample space for a young couple or a growing family. However, if you want a bigger space in house and lot for sale in Bogo city, with at least 100 sqm, buyers can opt for a 4-5 bedroom house and lot. This has a starting price of PHP 15,000,000 and can go as high as PHP 23,000,000 depending on the location. Some houses and lots for sale in Bogo City offer scenic views of the island, which usually contributes to the value of the property.  Just like any property development, buyers can expect amenities and facilities that make living in the area comfortable and fun. Some of these amenities and facilities include a clubhouse, basketball and tennis courts, gardens and playgrounds as well as an exclusive swimming pool. In terms of transportation, Bogo City is easily accessible via private and public transportation. Commercial centers and business districts are also located nearby including shopping centers, convenience stores, schools and universities as well as hospitals. With these promising features, great culture and hospitable people, Bogo City is exactly the place to be for those who want to get away from the noise of the city without sacrificing its perks.

Bogo City in Cebu offers different residential options to suit the different needs and preferences of buyers. For as low as PHP 4,500,000, you can easily find a decent and affordable house and lot with flexible payment terms and low interest rates. Check with the seller directly on Carousell to learn about their financing options.

Frequently asked questions

A house and lot for sale in Bogo City has an average price of PHP 4,000,000 to PHP 10,000, 000. Buyers have the option to purchase a house and lot in Bogo City in cash or through installment basis. For installment options, check with the developer what options are available to you.

As one of the most progressive cities in Cebu, Bogo City offers affordable housing options with its accessibility and proximity to business districts and tourist attractions. Development in the city also opens doors for both business and employment opportunities.

A house and lot is always a great investment since these properties tend to appreciate in value over time. You can own a house and lot at a cheap price and sell it off in the future at a higher price, which provides you a good ROI.

A bungalow is a type of house and lot that is common in the Philippines. It is a single-story property where all the rooms and facilities such as kitchen and bathroom can be found one one floor. It’s quick and easy to build and is great for those who like hassle-free access to all they need.

When it comes to purchasing a property from Carousell, buyers can be assured that all the listings seen on the website are exactly as advertised, especially the pricing. There are no hidden charges and additional fees on Carousell. Also, you can easily check the authenticity of the listing by contacting the seller directly via the website’s chat feature.

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