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New & used, house and lot for sale in Quezon, Metro Manila. Elegant houses with RFO, 5+ bedrooms, starting from 185 sqm. Vacant lot. Best Price! Carousell

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House & Lot for Sale in Quezon City

Quezon City or the City of Quezon was formerly the capital city of the Philippines. Located near the northeastern side of Metro Manila, this city is known as the cultural, media and political capital of the Philippines. The city has fantastic opportunities for education, with a wide array of highly ranked institutions. The University of the Philippines, and Quezon City University are both in global rankings .

Quezon City is a highly attractive location for home buyers, for those looking either to invest or to live. Houses and lots for sale in Quezon are available in many different styles and budgets depending on what you’re seeking. On Carousell Property listings, the houses are stunning, whether you’re looking for elegant pre-owned residences in New Manila or modern and brand new villas in Corinthian Village that make you feel like you’re on vacation, there’s something for every type of home buyer. Many of the homes come with amenities including salt water swimming pools, large gardens, as well as garages that can fit two or more cars. For Homebuyers looking for 3 bedroom properties in this area, prices can range from PHP 3,000,000 to luxury homes at PHP 72,400,000. Several units come brand new and ready for occupancy,making this an easy and convenient city for new residents to move into.

The average price for a house or lot in Quezon City comes to about PHP 125,000 per square meter, making this a city where you can find affordable options. Several homes in Quezon City feature foreclosed homes, negotiable prices and options to directly contact the seller making for faster transaction times. Properties here have options for flexible terms and payment plans making this a convenient barangay for purchasing a home. There is a wide variety of options when it comes to houses and lots for sale in Quezon City on Carousell Property Listings, with homes at different cost points this is an affordable city.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is the average cost of the property in Quezon City?

The average price for a house or lot in Quezon City comes to about PHP 125,000 per square meter. For 5 bedroom houses, the price can range from affordable options at PHP 4,300,000 to more luxurious options priced at PHP 380,000,000.

Why should I invest in Quezon City?

The largest city in the Philippines, Quezon City has a highly coveted real estate market. Its close proximity to Manila, as well as its growth opportunities, make this an attractive location for most buyers to look into for investment purposes. The wide variety of residences provide cheaper and reasonably priced homes for investors to purchase.

How far is Quezon City from Manila?

Quezon City is a short 13km away from Manila, the drive can take up to 40 minutes. There are several other transportation options if one opts to take the train the journey is convenient and can be made in under an hour.

How many barangays are there in Quezon City?

Quezon City is the largest city in the Philippines and is made up of 142 Barangays, or 4 political districts. The largest barangay in Quezon City is Barangay Commonwealth which is in the second district.

Is a pre-sale house better than a newly built house ?

A pre-sale property is usually priced lower than a newly built house which comes ready for occupancy (RFO). For those looking for long term investments, or seeking longer stays then a pre-sale property is a great choice. For those looking to move in quickly, or coming from overseas a RFO is an easy and convenient option with less hassle and a quicker move-in time.

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