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House and Lot for Sale in Makati

One of the centers of economic activity in the Philippines, Makati is a first-class highly urbanized city located in the National Capital Region (NCR). It’s known for its upscale shopping malls teeming with high fashion brands and high-end restaurants; major hotels and corporations can also be found in the area. Although Makati is filled with vertical developments especially in the CBD, there are many neighboring communities in the barangays offering premier houses to homebuyers wanting to upgrade to more spacious homes and a dynamic, upscale lifestyle in Metro Manila.

The listings for house and lot for sale in Makati include a variety of options, from previously owned houses to brand-new semi-furnished or fully furnished ones, with the number of bedrooms going up to 12. Some of these homes are complete with a swimming pool, car park, den, and pool gazebo, as well as guest rooms and separate maid’s and driver’s quarters. For property seekers who just love the outdoors, options for homes with lanais or gardens are available. There are also properties in prime corner lots, perfect for those looking for a larger lot space for very specific floor plans and yard configurations. More affordable property types to choose from include duplex-style and ready-for-demolition houses; these options are ideal for those struggling to find a decent home in such a sought-after location.

The houses and lots for sale in Makati available for sale on Carousell range from below-market value options to big-budget options. Small houses that are less than 30 sqm in space can go for as low as Php 1.3 million, while those that are 60-70 sqm are priced at a minimum of Php 5.5 million. Multi-level homes start at Php 6.8 million and compounds are sold at around Php 7 million. More luxurious properties in the more upscale barangays in Makati like Forbes Park, Bel-Air, and Dasmarinas Village, on the other hand, can be purchased for a minimum of Php 120 million and up to Php 2 billion. Fortunately, many sellers on Carousell Properties offer negotiable prices as well as direct communication via Carousell chat or mobile phone for a faster transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is the estimated price range of properties in Makati?

The cost of acquiring a property for sale in Makati ranges from Php 1.3 million up to Php 2 billion, depending on the area, type, amenities included, age, and the number of bedrooms.

Is a house and lot property in Makati a good investment?

Makati is not only the preferred address of large multinational corporations, it’s also the preferred address for young professionals, couples, families, and empty-nesters looking to retire. With the demand for Makati house and lot, a piece of property in this city is without a doubt a good investment.

Should I buy a house and lot or a vacant lot in Makati?

A house and lot package is a more practical option as compared to a lot only; you don’t need to worry about hiring contractors or securing various permits because a structure has already been built on the land. A lot only, on the other hand, is a good choice if you want to build exactly the house of their dreams. It all depends on your budget, purpose, and lifestyle.

How many barangays are there in Makati City?

Makati is subdivided into 33 barangays, including Forbes Park, Poblacion, San Lorenzo, Bel-Air, Palanan, Urdaneta, and Dasmarinas.

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