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Carousell has huge list of house and lots for sale in Davao city. Offering semi and fully furnished RFO, pre-selling, bank foreclosed properties @cheap price!

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House and Lot for Sale in Davao City

Davao is a city located in the province of Davao del Sur and is a part of the region of a similar namesake which is the Davao region. This city is home to 1,776,949 people overall according to the 2020 Census. Based on that number of residents, this city accounts for 33.89% of the total population of the entire region. This city is the most populous city in Mindanao and is a commercial hub that’s an important urban center for the entire country. This city earned several nicknames throughout its time such as being both the Durian and the Chocolate Capital of the Philippines.

The major relevance of this city brings about many commercial and industrial opportunities for people who live here and people investing in this city. That’s why if you were to buy a house and lot for sale in Davao City, you will find several opportunities, choices, and more that will be available to you. If you want to get a property in the city and want to cash in on the many opportunities from there, you should look at the pre-selling houses available for purchase from this neighborhood. For example, you can find a house that’s up for pre-selling and it comes with 4BR and has a floor area size of 123.50 square meters (sqm.) and costs PHP 7,392,000. It’s a great way to get a new property for a much cheaper price. With that said, if you want to buy a home but you aren’t looking for a grand house, you should start with a 1BR house which is also great as a business investment that you turn into a rental property. A 1BR in this city costs from PHP 515,000 to PHP 5,500,000 with an average floor area size of 43 sqm. If you’re buying a starter home for your personal use, then it’s better to buy a starting house that’s at least a 2BR house. A 2BR house costs somewhere from PHP 350,000 to PHP 126,800,000 with a floor area size ranging from 36 to 240 sqm. Although a 2BR should have everything that you need as an individual, if you’re buying a house to start a family or grow your current one, then you should at least have a 3BR house to live comfortably. With that said, the price for a 3BR house in this city ranges from PHP 400,000 to PHP 18,000,000 with an average floor area size of 170.87 sqm. Another type of house that you can get from this city would be a pre-owned house, which is a great way to afford to buy a house that costs much lower than a new home. With that said, a pre-owned house costs from PHP 400,000 to PHP 4,000,000 with an average floor area size of 98 sqm. Another way to buy a property for a lower price is by looking at the foreclosed properties. The bank foreclosed houses in this city cost somewhere from PHP 400,000 to PHP 4,000,000 with a floor area size ranging from 50 to 204 sqm.

Given the number of properties that are available for purchase can give you a run for your money, which is why you need to know the type of property that you want to buy. With that said, you can use Carousell’s chat feature to directly talk to the property manager or seller and discuss payment methods. Some of the common payment methods that are used most often when purchasing a property from here would be in-house financing, a bank loan payment, or cash payments.

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Davao City is a powerful and ever-growing city that is not only important to the island group of Mindanao, but for the entire country. Due to its importance, buying property here means that you’re getting prime real estate that is sure to increase in value over the years. Therefore, it is an excellent investment, whether you use the property for a long-term residence or as a business investment.

This type of property means that the house has been used and lived in before. Since it’s not new, the property will usually sells for a much lower selling price than a new property.

There are many real estate opportunities that you can get when buying a foreclosed property. First, you can convert it into a rental property. Second, you can flip it and sell it off which is easier to do given how affordable it is. Third, you can simply hold onto the property until the property value rises.

The average selling price of a house from this city is around PHP 37,500 per square meter.

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