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House and Lot for Sale in Binan City

Binan is a city that you can find in the Laguna province which is a part of the CALABARZON region. According to the 2020 Census, this city is currently the home of 407,437 people which means that this city is home to 12.05% of the entire province's total population. This component city is home to some of the largest industrial estates in the country while also having several and active suburban residential communities.

Given all of these conditions, amenities, and features in the community, you’ll find that this city has great potential for real estate opportunities for both personal and business purposes. There are all sorts of types of property in this area. You can buy a house and lot for sale in Binan City that you can convert into your forever home or as a profitable venture. With that said, if you’re interested in finding a starter home, you should consider starting your real estate purchase with a 2BR home. A 2BR home in this neighborhood costs somewhere between PHP 1,400,000 to PHP 20,000,000 and the average floor area size of such a property comes to about 71.5 square meters (sqm.). That’s not the only type of house offered in this city. You can also find a 3BR home in this area which is the best size for someone who wants to start or grow a family. With that said, a 3BR home costs from PHP 2,264,850 to PHP 36,666,300 with an average floor area size of 167.96 sqm. Some people who have a bigger family or are planning to have a larger one might not have enough space to live in with a 3BR home. Luckily, there are also 4BR homes available for purchase here with the price starting from PHP 4,995,200 to PHP 65,000,000 with an average floor area size of 302.43 sqm. If that size is not enough, you can also get a 5BR+ home in this neighborhood for a price ranging from PHP 5,500,000 to PHP 95,000,000 with an average floor area size being around 369.5 sqm. For people who are looking to buy a house for a lower selling price, then you should consider getting a pre-owned home instead of a new home. In this city, you can find pre-owned homes available for purchase with prices ranging from PHP 2,600,000 to PHP 65,000,000 with an average floor area size of 318.95 sqm. For people who are buying property for business reasons, you can also get some savings by buying bank foreclosed homes which cost from PHP 1,600,000 to PHP 4,700,000, and the floor area size averaging at about 173 sqm.

Now that you know the variety of property types available in this neighborhood, your next step is to start narrowing down which property has the features and amenities that you want. After you find the property listing that has everything that you need, you can use Carousell's chat feature to start talking about the preferred payment method of the property seller/manager. Common examples of financing methods most used in this neighborhood would be direct cash payment, bank financing, in-house financing, and Pag-IBIG financing.

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Buying property in this city is great for people looking for a long-term place of residence. It has a safe and quiet environment while also providing conveniences that make life living here peaceful. As a business investment, the industrialized area provides ample opportunities for your real estate investment to grow, whether it’s through a stream of tenants or the increase in the market value of property here over time. Thus, making it a great place to buy a house no matter what your purpose may be.

The average selling price of a property in this neighborhood averages around PHP 18,326,698.

A pre-owned house means that the home is fully-constructed, has had a previous owner, and is likely been used before. Since it’s no longer new, there’s a possibility that you can get this home for a lower selling price.

Bank foreclosed properties are great business investments because of the many different ways that you can use them. One, you can buy such a property and wait until its market value rises before selling it. Two, you can buy them wholesale and then sell them. Three, you can flip them and then sell them. And lastly, you can transform them into a rental property. There are risks, but there are also a variety of possibilities for it to be a profitable venture.

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