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Apartment and Condos for Sale in Las Pinas City

Las Piñas City is one of the major cities in the National Capital Region. It has a current population of 606, 293 covering 4.50% of the total population in Metro Manila. It is a highly urbanized city reported to be among the top 10 best places to live in the Philippines. The city was one of the earliest fishing settlements on the shores of Manila Bay and was formerly called “Las Pilas” due to its separation from Parañaque, another major city in NCR. Las Piñas is famous for its Bamboo Organ and the Parol or Lantern Festival. Half of its area is residential while the remaining part is used for commercial, industrial, and institutional purposes.

There are several modern housing opportunities in Las Piñas City. One can find various lavish apartments and condominiums for sale within the vicinity.  Carousell offers listings for Pre-selling and RFO properties that are fully furnished and affordable. Condominiums boast of elegant interiors, a home entertainment system, a modular kitchen, laundry cubicles, and luxurious furniture and kitchenware. Complete building features such as fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, emergency power backup systems, and many more ensure the safety and convenience of its residents. Units come with world-class amenities where families and individuals can take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. These include a swimming pool, a children’s playground, multipurpose function rooms, entertainment rooms, a jogging trail, landscaped gardens and atriums, and a gazebo/canopy. Indoor convenience stores are also available within the housing premises so that families can easily avail themselves of important necessities. Moreover, the units are equipped with CCTV cameras, secure parking spaces, a perimeter fence, and a roof deck overlooking the scenic view of the Metropolis. Spacious pre-selling studio units can be bought for a price of PHP 3700000 while a smaller fully furnished 1 BR apartment that is ready for occupancy can be availed for as low as PHP 1870000. These housing options are best suited for couples and small families. 2 BR condos are also available for a price range of PHP 4400000 – PHP 5800000 and are recommended for larger households. For those who would like to invest in a much bigger space either to reside in it or have it rented out, Las Piñas offers cheap pre-selling 3 BR housing opportunities for PHP 8000000 only. Residential options are situated close to commercial establishments like shopping malls, restaurants, banks, service centers, fast-food chains, convenient stores, salons, and drugstores making it relatively easier for families to access basic necessities and services. Top-notch schools and hospitals are also located in different districts of the city providing for the institutional and medical needs of its people.

Prices of the properties in Las Piñas City vary from one district to another depending on the size of the unit, the amenities offered, and the overall infrastructure and environment. Regardless, housing options in this area provide locals and newcomers alike a chance to experience a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. Payment for these properties comes in flexible packages. Downpayments can be processed up to 37months with the remaining balance to be settled through bank financing or cash amortizations. Discounts are also offered with lesser Reservation fees. To learn more about the properties in this city as well as their corresponding payment options, simply contact the sellers or owners through the Carousell website.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the average cost of property in Las Pinas City?

Luxurious fully furnished condominiums for sale are available in prime locations across the city. The average cost of a 1 BR condo unit is around PHP 3600000. Meanwhile, 2BR properties can be purchased for an average price of PHP 5000000. Studio units are also available for as low as PHP 1800000.

Is it a good choice to invest in apartments and condos in Las Pinas City?

Definitely! Las Piñas is a highly urbanized city comprising several commercial, business, industrial, medical, and educational establishments. Access to daily necessities, services, and even to leisure activities are made easier and more convenient. The city also attracts tourists because of the famous Bamboo Organ and the lanterns sold on the streets during the holiday season. Several transportation services traverse the streets of Las Piñas allowing commuters to get from one place to another without too much difficulty. Housing opportunities are also quite affordable in the city. Cheap but elegant units can be availed in peaceful residential communities. Moreover, the area is surrounded by business districts providing residents ample opportunities for employment and other financial opportunities.

How far is Las Pinas to Quezon City?

Las Pinas is around 40 km away from Quezon City, about an hour long drive.

How many districts is Las Pinas City divided into?

Las Pinas is divided into twenty zones or barangays which are grouped under two legislative districts with their own representative in the city council. The northwestern part of Las Piñas is the first district while the rest of the city falls under the second district.

What is an RFO Unit?

An RFO or Ready for Occupancy unit is a property that has been completed and is already up for occupancy once purchase has been finalized. Individuals may take up residence in an RFO unit anytime. Those who purchase RFO units can utilize the amenities of the properties right away and can usually avail of discounts. Also, the units are ready for inspection and utility services can be availed of readily.

What is a Pre-Selling Unit?

A Pre-Selling unit is a property that hasn’t been completed yet and is still in the initial phase of construction. Pre-Selling properties are usually more affordable and cheaper due to its lower introductory price.

Why do developers pre-sell properties?

Pre-selling allows property developers to finance the construction and development of the project and enables potential investors to purchase properties at affordable prices.

What is a foreclosed home?

A foreclosed home is a house that's seized and put up for sale by the bank that gave the original owner a loan. When you see a home listed as foreclosed, it means that it's owned by the bank.

Should I buy a unit in Las Piñas through Carousell?

Yes! Carousell offers several listings of excellent units in Las Piñas. It is a legitimate platform that connects sellers to buyers. Details of the sellers and owners are listed on the website for transparency and easier transactions.

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